Syscoin Foundation and Blockchain Foundry Join 2Tokens Project

The Netherlands, Eindhoven: The Syscoin Foundation and Blockchain Foundry  (“BCF” or the “Company”) (CSE:BCFN) are pleased to announce their new partnership with the 2Tokens Project, alongside industry leaders such as Ocean Protocol, Dusk, Odyssey and others, and supporting organizations including European Union, the Dutch government, and universities based in the Netherlands.

Syscoin Foundation and Blockchain Foundry Join 2Tokens Project

2Tokens aim to establish a set of clear rules and guidelines on how to deal with Tokenisation, and they will begin by identifying the immediate challenges that need to be addressed in the initial months. Together with relevant industry partners, the 2Tokens project will  achieve a common perspective and understanding of the benefits of Tokenisation: tokens offer us the chance to rethink collaboration across society as a whole, from businesses to governments and citizens.  With this ethos in mind, 2Tokens will inspire a seismic shift in how we think about cryptocurrency tokens across the globe.

Syscoin Platform was established in 2014 and has been successfully working and advising on Tokenisation challenges since then. We look forward to bringing our valuable experience to the 2Token project and to successfully sharing our knowledge with the other members - Reinier Martens, Syscoin Foundation Secretary 

Tokenisation will transform our economic landscape in much the same way that shares and stock markets did in the 17th century. For the 2Tokens movement it is key that we create the right environment to allow these innovations to happen - so it is great that the Syscoin Foundation and Blockchain Foundry have come together to do what is necessary to realise this potential. We understand that, to achieve widely supported token regulation, we have to raise awareness, stimulate discussions and bring together knowledge and expertise. This will allow us to reduce barriers to adoption of Tokenisation and help realise wider societal benefits. - Alex Bausch, 2Tokens Executive Team Lead

This project will raise awareness of Tokenisation, stimulate relevant discussions, and bring together knowledge and expertise in an effort to reduce adoption barriers to Tokenisation and help realise the wider societal benefits. This aligns with the vision of the Syscoin Foundation and its aim to spread the awareness and adoption of blockchain technology.

About 2Tokens

The 2Tokens project aim to create and support a thriving ecosystem for Tokenisation projects and provide them with a set of clear standards and guidelines. The groundwork will be realized during several round table discussions, practical workshops, awareness, and inspirational sessions; where industry leaders, incubators, academics, banks, ministries, and businesses will come together to share knowledge and experience from their sectors.

About the Syscoin Foundation

Officially founded on December 11th, 2018, the Syscoin Foundation is a non-profit organization that represents the core development team, secures the code repositories and oversees public relations for the protocol. Its goal is to expedite the global adoption of blockchain technology by championing the unique decentralization features offered by the Syscoin Platform.

Jan 23, 2020 by Syscoin Foundation, Blockchain Foundry & SDMT