Syscoin Marketing Team Expansion

We have been working hard to build a foundation of knowledge and awareness for the Syscoin Platform and its leading-edge blockchain technologies, the Bridge and Z-DAG, such that it is readily available for use by anyone, anywhere. We have further strengthened this foundation by working with our PR firm and other partners such as Blockgeeks, and we are now ready to ramp up our in-house marketing and business development efforts.

We are determined to see Syscoin get the recognition and adoption it deserves, and to make this happen we now recognise the need to build up our in-house marketing department beyond our increasingly-burdened team. Simultaneous to this realisation we have coincidentally been offered help from other Syscoin teams and the wider community. This is deeply encouraging to us because for any project to become successful it is essential for all involved to share the same vision and align with the same strategies.

The current marketing team will remain responsible for directing the marketing plan and for performing most of the work required. In addition, we are creating a sub-group that consists of the Syscoin marketing team and other Syscoin team members with marketing experience that want to either help with these efforts or wish to start their own marketing initiatives, in line with the overall marketing vision. Currently this group consists of all SMT Members, and Sebastien, Keyare, Einalex and Bigpoppa.

The next logical step will be to create a Community Marketing Collaboration team. This team will be open to anyone who wants to contribute their time to working with the Marketing Collaboration team. More details on this will follow in the coming weeks...

Moving Development from SDMT 

Just over a year ago we combined the Marketing and Development teams to form the Syscoin Development & Marketing team. Internally these branches remained operationally distinct, but they were combined with respect to Governance proposals and bookkeeping.

Since the Development department has plans to expand in the future and the Marketing department is in the process of expanding, we’ve decided it is best to separate them at this point. As part of this governance cycle, some SYS will be allocated to the SYSHub code review, fixes, and its redeployment for public access. Going forward, we will continue as the Syscoin Marketing Team. 

Syscoin Marketing Team - Business Development and Sales Division 

In order to significantly increase adoption of the Syscoin Platform we need to actively reach out to ERC-20 projects, stablecoin issuers, users, developers, and blockchain consultancy and development companies.

Within the Syscoin Marketing Team, Ryan is most focused on selling the Syscoin platform. He has ample sales experience built-up over a period of ten years, including his work with large tech companies such as Adroll. Ryan is teaming up with Marc Nicholson from Blockchain Foundry (responsible for BCF Sales and also brings significant experience and wisdom to the team) to form an SMT Business Development division, focused solely on increasing adoption. Syscoin Development Team (SDT) will provide the resources needed for them to perform their work as optimally as possible.  

The Syscoin Marketing Teams
Jun 10, 2020 by SDMT