Syscoin News Update #88

This news update is provided by the Syscoin Marketing Team (SMT) to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SMT news.

Syscoin and BCF News

Announcement Coming - December 2nd

We're excited to bring you some important news on Wednesday December 2nd, stay tuned ...

Syscoin 4.2 Testnet Imminent

Syscoin Platform is coming to testnet soon and we invite you help test the next iteration of our industry-leading token platform. Join Discord for more info, and follow progress here: Syscoin GitHub

Beatz and NIX Airdrops!

The first of several Syscoin network snapshots took place on Sunday, November 15th. Qualifying SYS owners will receive Beatzcoin (BTZC) and NIXPlatform (NIX) tokens early 2021. 

More info here!

Blockchain Foundry Announces $4 Million Equity Facility

Blockchain Foundry  is  pleased to  announce that  it  has entered  into an  agreement  for an equity financing facility of up to  C$4 million with  Alumina  Partners  Ltd, a subsidiary of  Alumina Partners LLC,  a New York-based  private equity firm.

"...offerings like the #Syscoin #Ethereum bridge, reducing transaction costs and increasing #scalability..." said Adi Nahmani.

More details

Syscoin Takes a Seat at ITSA Webinar

The Foundation teamed up with ITSA to organise a Webinar with some of the best crypto industry leaders. Check it below!  

Jag Interview

Jag was interviewed on the RektifiedRadio podcast - check it out on the VibraVid platform

"A great educational segment that goes beyond just the latest hype in crypto."

Syscoin Marketing Team Expands into Latin America

The Syscoin Marketing Team (SMT) has formed an initiative to expand into Brazil and Latin America.

The adoption of cryptocurrenices in this region has never been stronger, and we are now poised to ensure Syscoin's hat is in the ring!

New Article by Jag Sidhu

Our lead dev Jag Sidhu weighs in on interoperability and how bridges can help scale Ethereum.

Check out what he has to say.

Syscoin 4.2 Articles

Catch up on some of the advancements in the forthcoming 4.2 release, courtesy of SMT/Foundation member and unstoppable Syscoin advocate, Bradley.

Syscoin 4.2: Compliance
Syscoin 4.2: Next Level Masternodes

Dan & Jag AMA

The date for the next live video AMA with Dan and Jag will be announced soon. Join our Discord channel to keep up to date and chat with the team and Syscoin community.

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Nov 23, 2020 by SMT