Syscoin Roadmap 2021

Syscoin revolutionizes how the world transacts.

We are going beyond providing industries with the most ideal and future-proof decentralized asset platform available. Our big vision also means giving users all of this power at their fingertips. We will deliver cutting-edge experiences that open minds to new vistas of possibility.  Our growing community, planners, advisors and dedicated developers have been burning the midnight oil, investing time and capital - both intellectual and monetary - into making the vision reality. 

With substantial progress made, and new items in our sights, we are pleased to present our updated roadmap.

It has been said many times that when things seem quiet, great things are happening behind the scenes with Syscoin. That remains true, now more than ever. We’ve made strides in Core tech advancement, and now very importantly, progress towards new wallet infrastructure for both Syscoin (SYS) owners and users of the tokens on our platform.

This coming release, Syscoin 4.2, of course provides the fintech industry an open-door to unique and much-needed new capabilities. That is what the industry has grown to expect from Syscoin. We’re going further. 4.2 is also a milestone for our project; The point at which our commitment to everyday users will start to become apparent. We have already begun the journey of custom-integrating Syscoin with the best wallet tech in the industry. Shortly after 4.2, we plan to finally begin phasing Syscoin’s powerful features into the hands of everyday users. To anyone who is looking for more than what their current blockchain experiences or other financial services have given them.

Furthermore, our sights are on the most innovative future technologies for Syscoin Core and our decentralized infrastructure. The refreshed roadmap includes: 

  • Digital identities
  • Scalable smart contracts
  • Multi-asset payment channels to power the ultimate decentralized exchange experience
  • A faster, more cost-effective security model for Syscoin Bridge

Additionally, website updates are in store to better showcase our vision, and to make Syscoin’s benefits even clearer.

Also, a lot of progress has been made towards the deployment of a new and updated masternodes portal that will incorporate the best of both SYSHub and With this, and a vastly improved masternodes design, our masternode owners and operators have a lot to look forward to function-wise.

There’s a lot stirring just beneath the surface for everyone!

Dec 23, 2020 by SMT, Syscoin Foundation