Syscoin Community Update #47

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Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin 4.0 Launch Date Announced!

The Syscoin protocol is about to make its final evolutionary step to true blockchain scalability. At block height 548662* the protocol will be upgraded to include the groundbreaking SYSX bridge technology for 2-way, zero-counterparty connections to other blockchains, as well as many other innovative features that can be found here.

Syscoin 4.0 Target Release Date
June 4th, 2019, Syscoin Protocol’s evolution makes it’s final move towards true blockchain scalability. Targeting block…

*Due to variations in block times the block height will be confirmed 2 weeks prior to June 4th.

Syscoin listed on Altmarkets Exchange

LODE Announce Distribution Date for LODE tokens

LODE have announced via email that the distribution date for LODE tokens and AGX coins will fall in line with the Syscoin 4.0 hard fork. This means users should receive their coins shortly after June 4th, when the LODE systems have been successfully migrated to Syscoin 4.0.

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: Hi Dan, how confident are you for a Q2 release? Are there still some unknown factors?
A: Very confident.

Q: May I ask if you have had the opportunity to recieve feedback from the AiBB and The Lode folks-those seem to be very developed apps.
A: Lode lots of feedback yes. Aibb we aren’t as close with as they aren’t clients but we assume they are checking our testnet and will let us know if there is anything they are worried about there.

Q: Will the Archos wallet be ready for Sys4 as well and when how/when can they be ordered?
A: We are targeting it being ready, electrum will be and we will also be prepping a desktop wallet of some fashion (not sure if it will be Fusion or BMD at this point, but one of the two) and ARCHOS will be very near to the release if not ready by release. it might be like a week after or something, we are working on electrum 4 right now and based on how complex adding the sys asset support is will be what drives the delivery date, we are shooting for everything by early June.

Q: How will we order the Archos wallet? Who will distribute it actually?
A: You will be able to order it though Blockchain Foundry links, which we’d prefer if you’re in North America. We will get some kinda affiliate link going for non-NA customers, we’re trying to work the details out with Archos.

Q: Are there any plans to focus some marketing resources in Asia ? There seems to be a ton of great energy in SEAsia and it looks like a great environment to unleash this beast.
A: We have been talking to foundation about how to enable a solid marketing budget, so that is something we are going to try to make sure we have covered

Q: does sys4 june4 mean move cps out of alias also danosphere
A: It should be safe, it will just be assigned to the address backing your alias IF that asset is migrated. They are between sys3 and their own chain so we’ll coordinate with them to ensure if they plan on staying w sys, their asset is migrated. Lode and AIBB will be migrated of course.

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