Syscoin Weekly Update #48

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Syscoin and BCF News

Blockchain Foundry Files Patent for Z-Dag

Z-Dag is now officially under ‘patent pending’ status! Blockchain Foundry recently filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their groundbreaking Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph technology. With this filing BCF can protect the intellectual property of this blockchain scalability tech, exclusively designed for the Syscoin Blockchain Protocol, while opening the doors to third party open-source use.

SCMT Merges with SDT

We are delighted to announce that SCMT (Marketing) and SDT (Development) are merging to form a single, focussed, connected team: The Syscoin Development and Marketing Team (SDMT).

SDMT will serve as a robust base for all of Syscoin’s development and marketing efforts going forward. Forming a cohesive group like this will tie together the numerous strands of development and marketing that until now have been operating independently and in the less-than-efficient manner inherent to remote project development.

With our new shared online communication channels and regular cross-team meetings we hope to be able to enhance the efforts of both development and marketing by sharing important information readily and consistently as we move forward into Syscoin 4.0.

Find out more in the Discord channel under #sdmt-time

Dan Wasyluk Interviewed on LODE TV

Dan gave a great interview to AGXPay Ambassador Nicholas Prouten on LODETV:

Dan Wasyluk to Live Stream at Blocknorth Block Party II

Blockchain Foundry CEO, Dan Wasyluk will be making a live virtual presentation at Blocknorth’s Block Party event on Thursday 6th June in the UK!

Register for your free tickets here:

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Syscoin Listed on Boost Exchange

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: Hi Dan.. How’s the hardware wallet coming on, any chance of it before sys4?
A: No hardware wallets before sys4 … wouldn’t really make sense since sys4 tx structure is entirely different and requires diff code to work w hw wallet. but we are targeting it for very soon after the release, like within the month based on current projections

Q: Any news about pangolin? or is the project dead?
A: It’s not dead it’s just on the shelf for now, we may revisit it in the context of client work or enabling application features in other contexts. Jag is hot on web3 things now, so we might look at how we can leverage that with pangolin, etc. I def want to see Pangolin realized, governance funding it could make that a reality sooner tbh. Governance BCF will apply for I mean. It’s also very likely that there will be a BMD4… but the name will maybe change. So that combined w Fusion that SDMT is working on should make for some great wallet options too. I’d really like to get BMD4+ working w hardware wallets and native bridge functionality but that will def be a ‘beyond release’ goal.

Q: Anything new on the BCFN side?
A: Nothing that I can mention but we are working w some new clients, and working on a new product too. We filed the ZDAG patent, still have to PR that properly but I think that will happen as part of the sys4 marketing push. We will probably spin the patent and the TPS results into a PR I’d think, because they speak to our blockchain RnD efforts etc over the last year.

Q: Will BCFN market SYS4/ZDAG utilizing corporate resources or is that something that will be done by way of guiding the Foundation?
A: Corporate resources which is what allows the corporation to own the patent kinda thing. So there is reason for investors to support that IP ownership addition. And also the speeds enabled by that tech have helped us with clients, which is another + for that side of the investment base.

Q: Anything you can share on the old partnerships like PeerMountain, Microsoft, English Forward , Global CPQ?
A: Some of those folks are still working on getting their funding together in order to move to next steps, which I am hoping these market conditions improving will help with, and then others we are still working with — like MSFT we work with via DIF pretty closely and that is essentially what we want to use to replace aliases in sys4, and they will totally support and help evangelize that use when we get there.

Another thing bcf will apply for governance on. Really though we are pretty maxed out on work at the moment, we are exploring augmentation options so we can keep servicing the biz between sys and our clients and our relatively small team we are very busy.

Q: Is Tamarin still coming along ? Is that something similar to quorum-the permissioned eth variant?
A: Tamarin is another on-the-shelf thing that is ready to rapidly make production-ready for the right client (or governance proposal). At the moment we just don’t have anyone to work on that cause we’re full up with other work

Q: Maybe it’s time to expand?
A: Haha did that too fast last time. Won’t repeat that error. We’ll get there. IMO the strat is to augment until there is a good basis of business, then you grow the internal team. We did it the other way around the first time and that was no good cause then contracts didn’t come through and we were upside down.

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May 9, 2019 by SDMT