Syscoin Weekly Update #52

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Syscoin, SDMT, and BCF News

Update your Masternodes and Qt Wallets

Mandatory Upgrade: must be completed by block 43800 (roughly June 29th). If you haven’t already, please update your masternodes and Qt wallets to 4.0.1. Masternodes that aren’t updated will not receive SYS rewards, Qt wallets that aren’t updated will stop working.

Update your Sentinel

Masternode owners, please check your sentinel is version 1.0.0 - you can check this in the Qt wallet by clicking on each entry in the masternodes tab list. If you are running a version that isn’t 1.0.0 please head to the Discord channel for instructions on how to update.

Governance Proposals Roundup

We are approximately one week from the first superblock on Syscoin 4.0. If you run masternode(s) and haven’t already voted for a proposal - PLEASE DO IT. Your vote is important for ensuring the most popular proposals are successful, and also for maintaining decentralisation.

Here are the proposals (correct at 5pm UTC 21/06/2019)

MARKETING_COMBO - 70000 SYS one-time payment (10 Months Remaining)
Description: Combined marketing pot for Daltonism's,,
More info
gobject vote-many 2179f6a0d2e86ee418225675a344a540e7661946b7f9ee00df961e677713b8df funding yes

Syscoin Asia Community Proposal - 40000 SYS one-time payment
Description: Marketing fund for Syscoin Asia Community
More info
gobject vote-many 0899f986f45163b53c4a9724d823aee268c8855e687aac816f0278ab070980cf funding yes

Sysnode-Info-V2 - 60000 SYS per month (4 Months Remaining)
Description: Improvements and ongoing development of the SysNode masternode monitoring and stats portal
More info
gobject vote-many 5993fa70d9914a094e7cc8e8671c43b8c7152f8bfc8e3065754aeaf61d328387 funding yes

Syscoin Foundation Governance Funding - 29000 SYS per month (4 Months Remaining)
Description: Fund to facilitate the good work of the Syscoin Foundation
More info
gobject vote-many c67ac25fd1d800db058c2886805a3b9b00b71605ef5b2c695b7b1c2cbc8cc653 funding yes

BCF Syscoin Core Development - 946138 SYS per month (4 Months Remaining)
Description: Enable Blockchain Foundry to hold Syscoin on their books
More info
gobject vote-many e1f908b7a0e2817aa147b713fdfc092a9023e1177152b729791884841188b418 funding yes

Eth Bridge Production Readiness (V2) - 150000 SYS one-time payment
Description: Whiteblock engineers will test SYS-ETH bridge for edge cases and harden for production
More info
gobject vote-many decad127401c885f3dd5cb8211e490b7dc447045291ababd186abae553791a44 funding yes

Triculus - Syscoin's P2P crypto exchange - 200000 SYS per month (3 Months Remaining)
Description: Syscoin's privacy enhanced P2P crypto exchange
More info
gobject vote-many 52f172912762f8b11277a479c6b06584d9457b0e62498b6fb956a3ec76d89442 funding yes

SCMT_Proposal_July_October_2019 - 265000 SYS per month (4 Months Remaining)
Description: Development and Marketing fund for SDMT
More info
gobject vote-many bd9811df7b80d50cf87e3b0f07239cab52302c1384dd41c7ffb7f426b3d51775 funding yes

Sys betting site based on Sys/Eth Bridge - 178000 SYS one-time payment
Description: A betting website that utilizes Ethereum Smart contracts to handle the payouts
More info
gobject vote-many 5f89d89d7dd148a48207693afe5cbcd8aeba7957722cc47943bb1f3df0aa1b6a funding yes

SubRemovalMN2io - 100000 SYS one-time payment
Description: Remove the subscription model from and make it free to use
More info
gobject vote-many 688814443332061d596e3cbc5de00e8e9a0b94bbd076be632de07b2a2f9cf2b4 funding yes - 3000 SYS per month (2 Months Remaining)
Description: Maintenance and development of the site
More info
gobject vote-many 327f2e8b736910b9530d7862d38a77e8d0ab762fc4f5b3f749fc771dfa504515 funding yes

Syscoin's own video representative - 56559 SYS per month (3 Months Remaining)
Description: Syscoin answer to Dash's Amanda
More info:
gobject vote-many f808b062aa7679098e213cdcd45effb1f0030dbe3f77d43a5d703032c7144735 funding yes

Syscoin at number 4 on the RISE Blockchain Leaderboard

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

There was no #dan-time last week.

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