Syscoin Weekly Update #54

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Proof of ZDAG

We are delighted to release this ‘proof’ video showing a lightning-fast ZDAG transaction between a sender in the UK and a recipient in Australia. The token arrives almost instantaneously after being sent, and is confirmed by ZDAG, ready to be redeemed by the recipient, in 11 seconds. But don’t take our word for it .. try it yourself! Download the Spark wallet here and hop into the Discord channel if you need some tokens to play with.

Watch the video then check out this article for further info.

How to create SPTs (Syscoin Protocol Tokens) on Spark

Did you know you can create your own tokens on Syscoin Platform using the Spark wallet? Here's our official guide to get you started!

Superblock Triggered Successfully

The first governance superblock on Syscoin 4.0 has completed successfully and governance funding has been distributed to the following development/marketing projects:

Syscoin Foundation - 29000
ETH Bridge Readiness - 150000
SDMT - 265000
Syscoin Asia Community - 40000
BCF - 946138
Sysnode V2 - 60000
Syslinks - 3000

Congrats to all recipients, we look forward to seeing how you use this funding to promote and advance Syscoin Platform

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: Any eta on sys being added to the Archos Safe T mini
A: SYS is ready, the holdup at this point is SYS assets. The device firmware is setup for only certain types of OP_RETURN transactions and this has made adding assets difficult. We're on the last leg of it and then its a week from there for Archos to approve the new firmware. Target is end of July.

Q: Great work by the team on the spark Guide, any plans to BCF brand it and publish on Web or as PDF accessible from or
A: We will likely do this

Q: Now that governance round has been decided what has been prioritised from these and what are the expected (target) completion dates?

1. Syscoin Core and critical infrastructure maintenance
>> never complete, its an ongoing project

2. Development: Bridge Infrastructure;
>> By block 75k at the moment, this may shift if we identify critical issues

3. Customer acquisition of Syscoin asset projects;
>> BCF is already actively engaged on this, there is no 'completion date'. More projects == better. Always trying to get more / find more ways to leverage Syscoin tech with clients.

4. Marketing support for Syscoin related development;
>> BCF will be developing products which showcase Syscoin capabilities, marketing of these will help market Syscoin. Mobile wallet is the next big thing on my mind w / ZDAG support but we haven't internally agreed on how we'll do that (there are competing ideologies on how we should accomplish this). Further discussion there will result in timelines.

5. Development and maintenance of key strategic partnerships.
>> This is an ongoing, continuous initiative. We are working on partnerships/adds on multiple exchanges and services. Its a perpetual effort.

6. Development of ecosystem components and integrations
>> Perpetual

Q: Will the BCF sponsorship deal be announced soon (betting site)
A: Yes, it got a bit lost in the shuffle of 4.0 and exchange upgrade work

Q: Any ideas about the eta of a web wallet ?
A: Not sure I know which web wallet you're referring to? I think mobile is prob the next focus for BCF, which will take components from Pangolin and make them more widely useable because mobile > desktop at least based on our analytics

Q: Is there any specific upcoming marketing campaign that you can talk about?
A: I know there is a campaign being constructed and led by the Foundation that involved multiple press outlets and a string of interviews, I am doing a NKOTB piece tomorrow (not sure when it will run). That's about as specific as I can be at the moment. BCF has some marketing plans around the whole ZDAG Spark rollout which will start tomorrow too... these things are always on the go. The recent google search algo change thing for crypto sites kinda delayed some of this marketing activity since it sent news outlets reeling/closing/changing pricing but we're back on track now

Q: any interest in the bridge by the ETH community so far that you can discuss?
A: we have had interest but a lot of 'need more info' responses as well, so developing better documentation for that audience is on our list too

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Jul 3, 2019 by SDMT