Syscoin Weekly Update #55

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New Kids on the Blockchain interview with Dan Wasyluk

Blockchain Foundry CEO Dan Wasyluk was interviewed by Ashley from New Kids on the Blockchain, in their weekly Featured Project segment - skip to 7m50s below to find out how it went down...

Final Syscoin Bridge Tests are Underway

The core team along with community members have commenced final testing of Syscoin Bridge. If you’d like to join in and help things move along a little faster, please join the Discord channel and find us in #testing. 

JohnP has put together a helpful guide to get you started. 

And here’s a preview of a successful transaction from the Syscoin side over to Ethereum:

SYSHub 1.2.0 is Released

The latest version of Syscoin's Masternode Governance portal is out! 

The main page now shows the Next Estimated payout date, and Governance funds available. Proposals also show voting strings for people who want to vote through QT and a lot of other updates/fixes that have been requested. 

Here are some of the other changes:

  • More info for mobile version
  • Added progress in proposal generation
  • Added voting deadline and superblock date
  • Fixed start/end epoch date issue
  • Added hide invalid proposal flag
  • Fixed vote count issue
  • Fixed proposal details link issue
  • Fixed email syntax issue
  • 's' in proposal if proposals > 1
  • Added progress in proposal detail
  • Added blockheight to the governance tile in home page
  • Voting String in approval status
  • Mobile UI edits & refitting
  • Added manual voting string to proposal details
  • Fixed voting/cancel issue
  • Added new home tile with governance info
  • New layout and UI for voting which will eliminate some confusion
  • More info added for proposal details
  • New component for multiple payouts

Check it out for yourself here

Please report issues to

Syscoin Article on The Merkle

The Merkle did a great introduction piece on Syscoin 4.0, check it out here.

New Team Members

We are delighted to welcome our newest member into the SDMT Marketing team - long-term Syscoin supporter and all-round pillar of the community, @bstr156!

On the Discord mod team, we welcome another long-term Syscoiner and provider of some of the finest burgers in the southern hemisphere .. BigPoppa!


Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: Do you have any plans to directly link to download the exe from the or website?
A: Yeah we definitely will add an official link on the BCF site, for the SYS side I think it would be good to have a 'wallets' page kinda like I've seen on competing platforms, that shows just all wallets provided by diff developers... could have Fusion, Spark, QT, Coinomi kinda thing.

Q: Any news on the gambling sponsorship deal?
A: Yes, we are actually waiting on them to perform a final tech-run through w SYS on their platform and then it’s all systems go

Q: What are you cooking up next?
A: There are a few things I would like to see the BCF side of the SYS contributors focus on:

  • increased awareness of what ZDAG can do and how its better (think merchants)
  • increased awareness of how devs can leverage ZDAG (spark is helping with this but... think Lightning devs on Bitcoin... would be nice if they knew about ZDAG)
  • get eth community more excited about what SYS and the bridge can do for them (think ETH devs.. of course)

I really want us to focus on a mobile wallet as I think that addresses points 1 and 2 pretty nicely, and it also aligns w work we are being asked to do in the Lode community, which, is a perfect demo use case of ZDAG!

If we have a mobile, zdag-supporting wallet, I will personally be going to some of the more tech-friendly merchants in my area and pushing them to adopt

Earlier we were talking about ways that BCF can maybe help facilitate a fiat option there at a lower cost to merchants vs. the central payment processors that still charge a fee to cover their risk (like Pundi)

So like imagine a merchant can accept p2p SYS via ZDAG, no conterparty. OR if they don't want to hold SYS cause of crypto fears BCF can remit them fiat for their SYS for a small fee

In they end they cut out the middleman if they go pure SYS, or they cut out most of the middleman if they insist on ending up with fiat

Q: How will you be approaching the ETH community?
I think there needs to be a lot better documentation and use cases developed there first, before we try haranguing any individual devs... so thats the first step
A: I think supporting documentation, driven by questions we may see from that community will also be a big part of it. Right now they can't really touch/feel it yet... but it will be happening pretty soon. I mean they can go from SYS to ETH right now, but not back. Team is busy hardening that stuff so bandwidth for better docs and stuff will be next.


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Jul 12, 2019 by SDMT