Syscoin Weekly Update #60

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Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin is 5!

The past five years have been a great adventure for all of the team members and our brilliant community. Syscoin has been able to stay on top of its game in this fast-moving space by constantly adapting, evolving and learning. We have grown in so many ways and we just keep on growing - there are community members from a vast range of backgrounds and industries spending their time to help Syscoin Platform grow and thrive, and to all of you, we say THANK YOU!

The Syscoin Foundation wants to thank the Founders and every single person who contributed to Syscoin since that very first block, five years ago today. With all the upcoming features we have in store for the coming months and years we are looking forward to continuing to expand and innovate together, making sure Syscoin Platform stays one of the top projects for putting business on the blockchain.

We believe the technology we are about to hit the market with is the most innovative and game changing yet, and we are looking forward to picking up momentum, as we head into another 5 years of making great memories!

Bounty Program Update

The Syscoin/Ethereum Bridge bounty program was a great success and has now been brought to a close. A number of major bugs were discovered and subsequently fixed, in addition to a couple of smaller bugs which have also been squashed.

The primary whitehat hacker team that delved deep into the Syscoin Core code, art-of-bug did an astonishing job in helping us seek out issues and provide the team with options to resolve then.

Here is the official art-of-bug report.

To get the word out, we are working on news articles which will be released to the public very soon. A big thank you to all involved in setting up the program, in particular we all need to buy Jag Sidhu a beer when we next see him!

Whiteblock's Z-DAG Report Translated to Chinese

Whiteblock's Z-DAG report has been translated into a Chinese language version, which can be accessed here. Please share with any chinese connections you may have!

Summary of Dan Wasyluk Q&A

Q: Any documentation on potential usecases on sys4? 
A: We'll have documentation soon

Q: What is the vision for sys4? 
A: Marketing folks are working on it, has a number of examples as well but expansion would be good

Q: How can new entrpeneurs take advantage/use sys4? What kind of markets/businesses cold benefit?
A: Lots of financial services, business needing smart contract, business needing to exchange services between different organizations

Q: Is bcf in contact with organisations that will use this (next to lode etc.)? Progress?
A: BCF certainly pushes for SYS adoption in its core business 
We're only working with Lode at the moment as they've purchased all of our bandwidth 
we are using anything left over to pitch new business but we see Lode succeeding on SYS as a key catalyst to other business adopting 
so we are focused on ensuring their go-to-market on SYS is a success

Q: When sys 4.1 mainnet .. still planned for this  week?
A: Need to check w Jag he's back tomorrow last I heard things were looking good but Lode has some requests too that we are discussing w them Thursday 
i doubt their requests will make this release, Jag will confirm tho

Q: Can you name a couple of usecases you are aiming for? How can (new) entrepeneurs benefit from that?
A: We are working on something prety cool for post-bridge Syscoin but i can't share any details yet

Q: Is 4.1 going to have the Syscoin pegged token that can utilize ZDAG? How can we burn Sys to mint the token?
A: Yes it will, there are new functions on core that will let you burn SYS to an SPT and back again 
thre is a specific SPT that SYS base is linked to 
We honestly just need to do a PR on the hardware wallet and have Archos accept for all that to be official, SebS finished that work about 2 weeks ago

Q: Is there serious contact with ethereum to develop the brifge
A: We have serious plans to talk to ETH devs about the bridge once its fully deployed, right now its more a planning thing. We don't see a lot of value in approaching them about something that is hard for them to use today as its testnet and requires setup etc etc 
big proponent of the 'you get one shot to get their attention' mantra, so we want to make that shot count

Q: Where do you see syscoin go in the next couple of years? Can you give your vision on that?
A: I want Syscoin to a platform that attracts more commoditized developers and gives them a means to reuse their skills to build distributed applications

Q: Any guess when we could test the mobile wallet?
A: Mobile wallet testing still a week or two off, just had our internal team start testing it as we have a critical mass of features thats far enough alone to warrant it

Q: Is the bridge on track for a September release? Were there any serious bugs found via the bounty?
A: There were some good findings that have been fixed but im not yet aware of reports against the bridge they started w core and are on bridge now

Q: Is there any info that can be shared about the PR company or initiatives (and if not, do you foresee that dribbling out sometime in the near future?)
A: The PR company is more of a Foundation effort which I'm not directly aware of, wish I could share more but I don't even know that part. I can speak more on the BCF side of things - we have certainly been looking at ways we can get more publicity for the tech itself. There are some good (but expensive) options. We have been holding off until we clarify the post-bridge roadmap. We want to have that info included in the push insofar as it makes sense / isn't giving too much away at once. I think we'll have a clear plan on the roadmp and the BCF based marketing strategy before end of August. 

Aug 16, 2019 by SDMT