Syscoin Weekly Update #61

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Syscoin and BCF News

SDMT on Netherlands’ Biggest Podcast

SDMT team members Ryan and Michiel joined Cryptocast this week at BNR in the Netherlands, to talk about Syscoin and the subject of banking for blockchain entrepreneurs. Click here to listen to the podcast (dutch language).

BNR Podcast

Syscoin Bridge: Development Update

Core dev, Jag Sidhu, has provided a brief but exciting update on the Syscoin Bridge development work. He has created a legacy ERC20 token that mocks an existing ERC20 and has been able to successfully use it on testnet over the bridge. It is all working as expected and they are now waiting on two bug reports from art-of-bug, which may change design slightly depending on the severity of one of the bugs.

On a separate note, on Wednesday art-of-bug will unveil a 'hashcash' based faucet (first of its kind) where users will be required to do Proof-of-Work in order to collect faucet coins (just a small PoW amount which is secure from ASICs). The faucet will be linked to from to showcase the bridge.

Syscoin Added to MyCointainer

Syscoin has been added to the MyCointainer staking site.

Summary of Dan Wasyluk Q&A

This week's Q&A was postponed to Friday 23rd August

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Aug 23, 2019 by SDMT