Syscoin Weekly Update #64

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Syscoin and BCF News

Team updates

Jag Sidhu (Core dev): “Working with various exchanges to potentially partner up to make Syscoin assets liquid. Bridge work is ongoing: testing mostly now - internally, before we go to public testnet.”

SDMT Marketing: “We can announce that Blockchain Foundry will be a Silver Sponsor for the upcoming Block Party: Amsterdam event. If you are interested in attending you can sign up here, or check out the sponsor pack here [PDF] if you would like to offer sponsorship”.

SDMT Development: The team are knee-deep in BMW code. SYShub has been updated to fix some issues with expired proposals.

The LODE Wallet Test Phase is Progressing Well 

The custom LODE wallet developed by BCF (Blockchain Foundry) is entering the next phase of closed beta testing - read more here

More Miners Come Onboard

We've had approximately 5500 new miner addresses show up in the past week, which explains the hashrate increase.

Pool owners: Does your pool merge-mine Syscoin? If you don’t, you’re missing out on free money... Hop into the Syscoin Discord channel to find out more.

Syscoin Added to Coinmerce

Syscoin has been added to the Coinmerce app; you can now safely buy, sell and store SYS on your iOS or Android device, as well as via the Coinmerce website. Join their Telegram Channel and tell them you want native SYS and SPT support in the mobile wallet!

Summary of Q&A with Dan Wasyluk 

Q: How is the mobile wallet coming along?
A: Mobile wallet is coming along very well! We are releasing UAT5 candidate today and the UAT4 candidate was pretty tight: 0 bugs, 2 enhancements. Both implemented for UAT5. We also found some places to optimize things. And our bip84 work got accepted into the official repo which is pretty awesome - now SYS is the example coin for bip84 altcoin support

Q: Has Jag and team fixed that last bridge bug yet?
A: I think they have but are working on the test/validation part of that. The art-of-bug guy they are working with is a pro.

Q: Some time ago it was mentioned you guys contacted Binance regarding US listing. Any update about that?
A: We are talking to Binance US but it will take time, it’s an entirely different organization than main Binance. Our contacts at main Binance don’t have any influence over the US entity, so we're forging some new relationships.

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Sep 18, 2019 by SDMT