Syscoin Weekly Update #65

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Syscoin and BCF News

Team updates

Jag Sidhu (Core dev): “We are finalizing the challenge response design and undergoing another review after latest fixes and modifications to the code. If the review is successful we move onto next gate which is community testing and official testnet integration. We have gotten to a final design now and it’s just about verifying the design through a complete review prior to accepting it as the final release candidate.”

SDMT Marketing: “Work continues on bridge marketing preparation and planning for the BlockNorth  Amsterdam party in November - we should be able to announce more sponsors and speakers for this next week!”

The Syscoin Foundation: "We are finalizing our part of the roadmap and we are looking forward to sharing it very soon."

Dan Wasyluk Speaks to Greek Crypto Meetup

Watch Syscoin founder Dan Wasyluk present Syscoin's recent blockchain innovations at the Greek Cryptocurrency Community Meetup, hosted by @GreekCryptoCom. Global recognition is growing for Syscoin Platform. Skip to 36m10s for Dan's introduction.

Syscoin Listed on StealthEx

Syscoin is now available for limitless anonymous swaps on the StealthEx instant exchange.

Syscoin Masternodes Mentioned in Altcoin Magazine

Check out this comparison article about masternodes and service nodes in Altcoin Magazine:
What’s The Difference Between A Masternode And A Service Node

Reminder: BlockNorth Block Party Amsterdam

Don't forget to reserve your tickets for BlockNorth's Block Party:Amsterdam, where you'll find presentations on blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as FREE BEER (and maybe a Syscoin team member or two...).

Binance US Are Looking for Coin Recommendations 

If you have a Twitter account, please recommend to Binance US that they list a BTC-SYS pair!

Summary of Q&A with Dan Wasyluk 

Q: Hi Dan, what can you tell us about the new roadmap?
A: New roadmap is still percolating but I think its going to start with some kind of distributed data storage layer supported by masternodes and standard users alike. Storage will be rooted to the blockchain for proofing, and you can run services that integrate with data on the storage layer. We are envisioning the first service as an identity service backed by a Syscoin DID; the idea from there would be to expand to a marketplace service that leverages those DIDs and build a rep/feedback system on top of them as well and then maybe certificates... but we haven't talked it out that far on the cert side - the key component is really the distributed storage thats off-chain but still incentivized by the base token, and rooted in the base chain. A big goal is to be able to submit storage requests "to the network" rather than "to an IP".

Q: How is the Bridge going?
A: It's going well, there was one last issue that came up but I think Jag has a solution that will work in a way that doesnt blow up timelines. I'm going to be talking about the bridge a bit tomorrow when i do the Greek meetup.

Q: Hey dan, after I read Seb left BCF I was a bit worried to be honest. Do I have to worry about BCF?
A: Nah nothing to worry about, we split on good terms. Seb and I are still buddies.

Q: Hey Dan, any update on the Archos wallet?
A: We have production devices we're testing! Will be speaking with them next week on next steps.

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Sep 25, 2019 by SDMT