Syscoin Weekly Update #69

This weekly update is written the Syscoin Development and Marketing Team to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SDMT news. Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the website.

Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin Listed on Messari

Syscoin has been listed on the cryptocurrency transparency platform, Messari. Messari provides tools and metrics that help investors, regulators, and the public demystify the crypto space, and they are building data tools that will drive informed decision making and investment. Check it out here.

Messari AMA

On Thursday December 5th at 4pm EST, Messari will host a Telegram AMA with Syscoin lead developers Dan Wasyluk and Jag Sidhu.

You can join the Messari telegram channel here.

Get your questions in on Slido here.

Spark Wallet Raffle Winners Announced

The winners of the Spark mobile wallet raffle have been announced. You can find the winning addresses here, along with instructions on how to claim if you're one of the lucky winners!

Thank you to all of the entrants, there will be more raffles coming soon.

Syscoin listed on ABRA

Syscoin has been listed on the ABRA mobile platform, a leading crypto investment app on which you can buy, sell and hold over 200 top cryptocurrencies (90 if you're in the US).

Summary of Q&A with Dan Wasyluk

Q: Anything new to report?
A: On Syscoin side we're doing a LOT of 4.1 release-related work, which includes everything from improving our signed-build-release process to creating tools for the new cross-chain world that will suddenly exist, to more mundane things like updating spark for 4.1, seed nodes, explorer, and a lot of agent testing. Very much appreciate the additional users running agents in the testnet, super helpful.
On the BCF side a lot cooking too: we tested 'real AGX' minting for Lode, went well. Multisig wallets and everything, was pretty cool to actually do for a real client. Even tho teaching people that age 'validating and signing a multisig transaction' was fun. So Lode is moving forward full steam ahead, we have a 1.0.3 update of AGXPay that will roll out by Monday hopefully that connects with the real AGX asset. We have the pipeline for weekly AGX reward mintings ready to go as well. Pretty exciting, about to turn the whole machine on for real.
Working on AGXPay 1.1.0, has features Spark Mobile will inherit as well, Working on a potential loyalty points product/client as well, super early stages but would run on Syscoin Platform.

Q: Any date for sys 4.1? Or date for announcement?
A: We have a rough date yes but I dont want to jump ahead of the Foundation - I am just a happy contributor to these plans, they spearhead the announcing and how/when to do that. I will say the testnet stuff has gone very well, we're on the last component of the new system (agents) right now. Few issues have been reported thanks to the increased testing assistance we got from the Discord #testnet channel in the past week. We have candidate fixes for all of them just gotta move the fingers faster to get the fixes implemented. Once implemented and tested/verified we should have a clear green light. I know Foundation and advisors (like me) are very cognizant of the coming hoilday break and how that needs to be factored into marketing plans around such a groundbreaking release.

Q: Sound goods, so it might be more 2020ish right?
A: Last I heard there were plans to make big moves known pre-2020 but not activate said big moves until post-holiday so that the impact isn't lost in the ether of the holiday season.
I'm super excited about the bridge; I think there is a lot people dont even realize about it - stuff we didnt even realize when we created it lol. 80% of the way through we're like wait what if .... well that's new! First thing I think I'm going to do is store some of my SYS on Ledger.

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Dec 4, 2019 by SDMT