Syscoin Weekly Update #71

This weekly update is written by the Syscoin Development and Marketing Team to bring you the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SDMT news. Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the website.

Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin 4.1.2 Released - MANDATORY UPGRADE

Syscoin 4.1.2 is a MANDATORY UPGRADE for all Masternode owners, Qt wallet users, and exchange operators. We need everyone on 4.1.2 to resolve several issues that are slowing down pre-launch preparations for Syscoin Bridge. Please follow the instructions here to upgrade.

Masternode Testers Needed!

We need more testers to set up Masternodes on testnet - this is vital work and will contribute significantly to the successful launch of Syscoin Bridge. You don't need to be highly technicial; please join the #testnet channel in Discord if you think you can help.

Roadmap Updated

The Syscoin Roadmap has been fully updated and now includes information on the Web 3 project, Spark Web & Mobile wallets, and more. The roadmap shows development status on a range of projects from the Syscoin Foundation, Blockchain Foundry, the Syscoin community, and other independent developers. Click here to view it.

New and Updated Pages on

SDMT have been busy keeping this site up-to-date, check out the newly revamped About and Bridge pages.

Syscoin Added to VCC Exchange

Syscoin has been added to VCC exchange, one of Singapore's best known sites for trading and buying crypto.

More Spark Wallet Raffle Winners Announced

SDMT have announced 3 more raffle winners to accomodate the unclaimed prizes from the first round of winners. Please check your Spark Wallet and make a prize claim if you're a winner!

Dan Wasyluk AMA

The next live video AMA with Dan Wasyluk will take place on January 30th.

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Jan 10, 2020 by SCMT