Syscoin Weekly Update I.

This weekly update marks the resumption of an old tradition begun anew. Regardless of how many announcements are taking place, be sure to check out these ongoing weekly updates to stay tuned into all that’s happening with Syscoin behind the scenes, and also have a chance to get to know the Syscoin Foundation and Syscoin Team a bit more.


We’re Always Building


The winter may have a chilling effect on the weather and the markets, but here at Syscoin, we remain in build mode. FTX, SBF, and Alameda may have done a lot of damage to crypto’s reputation, and no doubt, there will be renewed calls for more stringent regulation. However, please be aware Syscoin was not exposed to these entities at all, so unlike Solana, our path forward remains the same. We would like to take this opportunity to remind the community to always use best practices and to keep proper custodianship of your assets. 

    Thankfully, Syscoin is better suited than any other Layer 1 ecosystem to handle any potential regulation to come down the pipe. We have built with opt-in regulatory compliance in mind, which has been live on our UTXO chain for some time, and is coming to our NEVM once Rollux reaches mainnet. This same tech will also enable a trustless DEX experience, guaranteeing users will soon be able to trade assets on Pegasys (and any other DEX that adopts our architecture) while remaining on the right side of the law no matter where they live and retaining a greater degree of custodianship over their trades.

    Syscoin remains on track to be the first holistic blockchain ecosystem to host an EVM-compatible Layer 2 and beyond, complete with rollups and our own data availability solution, all on top of Bitcoin’s PoW security through the magic of merged mining.

Syscoin’s Community Expands to Truts


Syscoin has been added to Truts, which was created to make the process of finding the right community simple. Truts optimizes for discoverability by listing Web3 communities, including a review system, to make DYOR easier. Be sure to read more about the partnership here, and visit our community’s page here.

Bradley Speaks to ‘The Selfmades’


Bradley Stephenson of the Syscoin Foundation recently appeared on the YouTube channel, The Selfmades, where he spoke about Syscoin joining the metaverse, how this kind of technology will eventually connect smart cities, and even its place within an interplanetary civilization. Listen or watch this fourth video in the series here.

Pegasys Gets a New UI


Syscoin’s native DEX, Pegasys, has received a brand new UI redesign. Please keep in mind the front end of Pegasys is still being developed. Therefore, users are encouraged to experiment and report any bugs they discover. Check out the beta here.

Syscoin Is the Subject of ZK-Rollups Investor’s Guide


Syscoin was the focus of an article about ZK-Rollups on the large blockchain news outlet, Blockworks. ‘What are ZK Rollups? The Future of Smart Contract Blockchains’ gives an overview of the current state rollups are taking within the crypto space, and how Syscoin’s innovations are leading the industry.

“Syscoin is paving the future of blockchain scalability and virtual machines by implementing secure rollups and increasing data availability. They are implementing scaling solutions that not only account for technical bottlenecks, but also regulatory ones. They integrated a base layer of opt-in regulatory compliance for all smart contract tokens. This will let token issuers provide users the necessary tools to stay compliant — a tool that would prove useful against complaints from regulatory authorities. They have implemented this feature on their UTXO side and are working on it for the NEVM side for compliant rollups. Mainstream-scale blockchain adoption is possible and can be served over secure and high-performant networks that offer a seamless experience for all network users.”

Syscoin in Miami


Lead Core Developer, Jagdeep Sidhu, and a few members of the Syscoin team and influencer network, including Wendy O and Hotep Jesus, recently met in Miami for DCentral and Art Basel. Conferences like this are a great opportunity to network with others from across the industry, the results of which can be seen in several of our partnerships and the growth of our community. Stay tuned to see the fruits of this excursion bear out over the coming months!

Dec 7, 2022 by Syscoin Academy