Syscoin Weekly Update IX.

This Week’s Video: The Ultimate Cryptocurrency


Join us as we explore the idea of the ultimate cryptocurrency, a combination of the best attributes of Bitcoin and Ethereum with the added security of Proof-of-Work and the flexibility and programmability of smart contracts. Discover how rollup technology and Proof-of-Data Availability could bring scalability to the crypto space, enabling a wide range of use cases from P2P transactions to decentralized applications and smart cities. And the best part? That project already exists.

Galxe Holiday Giveaway Wrapped Up


Last Wednesday we concluded our Syscoin Holiday Raffle we were running in cooperation with Galxe. We would like to thank the more than 11,000 participants for taking part and congratulate the 1,000 winners who earned their share of the total prize of 20,000 $SYS.

More Ways to Swap $SYS with ChangeNOW


On Thursday, exchanging $SYS on ChangeNOW became more convenient thanks to their integration with the Opera Crypto Browser. Please keep in mind these $SYS tokens available for swapping are the original UTXO version. If you would like to try it out, you can do so here.

Bradley Joins Corey Costa’s Crypto Coins


On Saturday, the Syscoin Foundation’s Bradley Stephenson went onto Corey Costa’s Crypto Coins to discuss what’s to come in the future for the Syscoin Platform. If you missed out, it’s not too late to go back and listen or watch. You can catch the show here

Syscoin’s Hashrate Steadily Increasing


On Monday, House of Chimera brought to attention the fact that Syscoin’s hash rate has been steadily increasing over the last year. Currently, Syscoin sits at 25% of Bitcoin’s total hashrate, meaning one quarter of Bitcoin’s total mining power is committed to merge-mining Syscion. You can see the original tweet here.

Syscoin Gold Academy Concludes


Our Syscoin Gold Academy Masternode Giveaway came to a conclusion yesterday. We would like to thank the more than 4,000 people who participated for their chance to win a Syscoin Masternode (currently a more than $15k value). All participants were able to earn a limited edition Syscoin Gold NFT, and those who completed the accompanying quiz with a score of 100% earned a chance to win the masternode grand prize. We would like to thank Bull BNB for sponsoring the contest, Galxe for running the campaign, and Luxy for hosting the NFTs. We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the upcoming Syscoin Academy. If you participated in the contest, be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter, where we will be announcing the winners.

Syscoin Gold Academy
Feb 1, 2023 by Syscoin Academy