Syscoin Weekly Update VI.

This Week’s Video: Syscoin Leads the Industry Towards Mass Adoption


In this video, we lay out the case for Syscoin being the most optimal blockchain solution for achieving mass adoption due to our holistic approach. For over eight years, Syscoin has been innovating to reach where we are today, and make the case that we have constructed the only platform ready to onboard the masses beginning with the release of Rollux in the beginning of 2023.

Corey Costa Interviews Hotep Jesus


On January sixth, Corey Costa interviewed free thinker and Syscoin supporter, Hotep Jesus. They broach a wide range of topics from crypto in general, Syscoin in particular, parallel economies, influences, and how history informs them. If you would like to listen, you can view the tweet here.

Pali Wallet V2 Hinted


On January eighth, Lead Core Developer of Syscoin, Jagdeep Sidhu, noted V2 of the official Pali Wallet will support Bitcoin in addition to Ethereum and Syscoin. 

Syscoin Gold Academy Contest Launches


On January ninth, in preparation for the launch of the new Syscoin Academy, and as a part of our ongoing initiative for global adoption and blockchain education, we partnered with Galxe to present our first learn and earn NFT event. All participants will receive a limited edition Syscoin Gold NFT, and one lucky individual will be selected to receive a full Syscoin Masternode Contract! The winner must complete all Galxe campaign tasks and score 100% on the Syscoin Academy Quiz. If you would like to participate, you have until February first to do so, and you can find more details by viewing the relevant Twitter thread here.

This event is made possible by Bull BNB, a blockchain enthusiast from Dubai who has worked alongside the Syscoin Team to increase recognition in the region. Bull BNB feels strongly about blockchain education and adoption, and this event is a means to this end. We extend a special thank you to Bull BNB for sponsoring the event, and appreciation for all participants who will help drive awareness in the important work we at Syscoin are accomplishing. Together, we look forward to 2023 and all that Syscoin has in store for the future! 

AMA Giveaway Between Syscoin and MMMM


MMMM, or Make Music Make Mess, is one of the teams within Asia’s largest Web3 Incubators dedicated to building on Syscoin. On Thursday, January twelfth at 15:00 EST, MMMM & Syscoin Team members will be speaking on a Twitter Space AMA. Audience members will have a chance to win one of fifty activation codes to check out MMMM, and one lucky participant will win the Cherrybomb Micdoll NFT. If you have questions for either team, please join us tomorrow. 

Sri Lankan Goodwill


We would like to sincerely thank Syscoin White Socks Squad Member, Theekshana, for his selfless efforts in using WSS funds to fund educational supplies for students within Sri Lanka. Rather than seek praise, he simply thanked us for being able to facilitate the sponsorship. Syscoin is made up of members from around the world, and part of the reason we work so hard to achieve the better parts of crypto can offer is because we truly believe in its ability to lift the bottom up through the power of decentralization. Theekshana did not ask to be recognized for his efforts, but we are truly grateful for what he has done, so if you don’t mind, please follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn, and if you can assist his efforts to aid children in Sri Lanka, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Jan 11, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation