Syscoin Weekly Update VIII.

This Week’s Video: 10 Commandments of Blockchain


It’s hard to go too long without referring back to Bitcoin, and rightfully so. Even if someone knows nothing about blockchain or crypto in general, they likely know the name of Bitcoin. It’s like the Coca-Cola of crypto. Satoshi Nakamoto gave the world a gift with vast ramifications it is difficult to believe even he anticipated. Without it, there definitely would not be Syscoin, nor Ethereum, no Binance nor crypto kitties and a lot of Bored Apes would just be code monkeys. Syscoin team members would not be changing the world, at least not in this way, and worst of all, most people in the crypto industry would have to go get real jobs with cubicles, time cards, and mandated lunch breaks.

Bitcoin is a part of the zeitgeist. It’s indelibly changed the lives of many people so far who are lucky enough to belong to a small minority of the global population. However, the number of people like ourselves whose lives have been altered by Bitcoin’s invention and its ripple effects is on a course to grow exponentially. Rollups are going to make blockchain not just more accessible, but imperceptible than ever before as they underlie applications the end user has no knowledge of. In this video, we lay out ten principals we believe should guide us as we advance the gift of Bitcoin to new heights.

Syscoin Gold Academy


This is a friendly reminder our Syscoin Gold Academy Masternode Giveaway is ongoing for one more week! Don’t miss your opportunity to win a complete Syscoin Masternode. If you haven’t yet to participate, it’s not too late. If you are interested in taking part, please go to the relevant tweet and follow the instructions.

Learn About SYS Labs on the Wendy O Show


Back in September at Token2049 in Singapore, we revealed the formation of SYS Labs, a private venture composed of the Syscoin Foundation’s core members, which will be instrumental in onboarding new projects and capabilities into the Syscoin ecosystem. If you have questions, or would just like to learn more, be sure to join us on the Twitter Space today at 13:00 CST. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can always go back and listen afterwards. Check it out here.

Syscoin’s Plan for Scalability


On January 19, Syscoin hinted as to why our platform is prepared to scale beyond what other blockchain projects are even considering. This is not only due to our rollup integration, Rollux, but also because of our answer to the data availability issue, which we call PoDA. You can follow the thread here.

Gold Standard DAO Partners with Syscoin


Utilizing the combination of smart contracts and cross-chain integration users will be able to aggregate the best yield farming opportunities across different DeFi platforms to earn real gold, powered by Syscoin. If you missed it, catch up here.

House of Chimera Spotlights Syscoin


Need a quick refresh of some of the most important things Syscoin has been working on? House of Chimera has you covered. On January 23rd, they once again featured Syscoin in their updated ‘Coin Spotlight.’ Given that Syscoin has such a wide range of applications, it can be difficult to keep up with everything we have been working on. This guide will help ease your research and is a great resource to share with a friend who is doing their own research. You can read it here.

Jan 25, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation