Syscoin Weekly Update XI.

This Week’s Video: Why We Build: Crypto’s Faustian Bargain


Welcome to the second chapter in the ‘Why We Build’ series. In this video, we will explore the morality that not only guides us as we construct the optimal blockchain ecosystem, but speaks to the individual decisions we all must make. This video is based on ‘Crypto’s Faustian Bargain’, which you can find on

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Syscoin Crushes LunarCrush Rankings


A regular contributor to the weekly update now, House of Chimera, highlighted Syscoin’s number one position on LunarCrush’s Altrank last Friday. For those of you unaware, LunarCrush is a Web3 research aid that ranks crypto projects based on social media activity. On Saturday, Syscoin again was listed amongst the top of LunarCrush’s rankings for NFT projects. By Sunday, Syscoin was still ranked in the top ten, and with their updated NFT list today we are featured prominently as we continue to trend positively.

If you have been sharing information about Syscoin around the web, then you are partially to thank for this recognition. In that case, thank you! LunarCrush is an excellent tool for anyone doing their own research, so if you are interested in using their services, you can do so here or follow their Twitter account here. As always, House of Chimera is commendable for the research and tidbits of knowledge they regularly share, so be sure to follow their Twitter account as well.

Syscoin Tops CoinGecko


CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent crypto data aggregator also showed off Syscoin twice in the past week. From February fourth through the tenth, Syscoin was ranked number two out of the ‘Top 30 Trending Coins’, and we were amongst the top trending on Sunday. On the eleventh, CoinGecko unveiled a new category to help people researching tokens from projects that are preparing to utilize ZK rollups, which of course includes Syscoin. Much attention is being placed on ZK technology and the projects who utilize it. Syscoin is not just progressing to become the first protocol with rollups (ZK & Optimistic) imminently live on mainnet, but we are the only one utilizing Bitcoin’s gold standard PoW security and our own data availability solution, PoDA, the importance of which cannot be overstated. 

How you decide to handle the data availability equation is essential to making the most of rollups and attaining the kind of speed required to reach mass adoption and economies of scale. Going forward with rollups, but without a data availability solution is like having a car with no tires. You can get further faster than someone on two feet, but it’s going to be less than ideal.

Syscoin Arrives on CoinMarketCap Community


CoinMarketCap is the largest crypto data aggregator with more than 340 million monthly visitors. We are pleased to inform you Syscoin will soon be making official posts on our CMC page and have another avenue to engage with those performing their due diligence. It’s just another way we will be able to more effectively spread our influence as we gear up to release the most capable rollups atop the ideal Layer 1 network.

ChainLeak Podcast Interviews Sidhu


Popular crypto news podcast, ChainLeak, will feature Syscoin’s Lead Core Developer, Jagdeep Sidhu, for an interview this Friday. Keep an eye open for the release of the complete episode next Monday, February twentieth. 

Feb 15, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation