Syscoin Weekly Update XIII.

Weekly Video: Asia’s Largest Web3 Incubator Chooses Syscoin


In this week’s video we highlight the potential impact of WEconomy joining the Syscoin ecosystem. This is big news, as WEconomy is the largest Web3 incubator in Asia, with over seventy startups, established Web2 enterprises, and DAOs already under its umbrella.

Syscoin Community in Nigeria


Recently, Web3 and blockchain enthusiasts gathered at the University of Uyo in Nigeria to cover the potential of these technologies with a special emphasis on Syscoin

 and how the technology we are building is designed to create a brighter future. This opportunity was made possible by Syscoin community members who were able to help organize the event to share the exciting possibilities coming to life because of the advancements being made in the Web3 space. 

The event opened with a general introduction for those who are less familiar and segued into a variety of topics relating to what is coming thanks to the scalability problem being solved, replete with real examples revolving around Syscoin’s L2, Rollux, and DeFi through the lens of Pegasys.

We would like to thank everyone who made this educational event possible, including Israel Hossana, OteeJoe, Samuel Anake, and of the University of Uyo’s engineering department. If you are interested in hosting similar events in your area on behalf of Syscoin, then get involved with our community on Discord.

Syscoin & SupraOracles Twitter Space


Last Thursday, Bradley and Alex from Syscoin, our partner, SupraOracles, and WendyO hosted a Twitter Space titled NextLevelWeb3, in which they discussed the possibilities unfolding through joint work of our blockchain architecture, specifically relating to rollups. Around 1700 people tuned in live, but if you missed it, don’t worry. You can still listen to it here.


One of the largest Ethereum events of the year is taking place in Denver, Colorado right now. ETHDenver is running from February 24th to March 5th. If you are in the mile high city this week, keep an eye out for Syscoin and SupraOracles team members. We will be on the ground and spreading the good word about the most capable EVM-compliant ecosystem, Syscoin.

Alex Appears on Corey Costa’s Crypto Coins

Syscoin Business Developer, Alex G., recently appeared on Corey’s Crypto Coin Show to talk about the latest developments happening with Syscoin and where we are headed in 2023. You can listen to the stream here:

Sidhu Enlightens the ChainLeak Podcast

Syscoin Co-Founder and Lead Core Developer, Jagdeep Sidhu, was interviewed by Joshuwa Roomsburg of the ChainLeak Crypto News Podcast yesterday to share Syscoin’s mission with his audience. Over the course of the episode, Sidhu shared our vision for the decentralized global computer Syscoin is building. If you missed it, we have you covered:

Mar 1, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation