Syscoin Weekly Update XIV.

Weekly Video: Why Syscoin Is the Ideal Layer 1


We believe Syscoin is the most ideal Layer 1 settlement system in the world. Syscoin is the only dualchain composed of Bitcoin compatibility on one side and Ethereum compatibility on the other, featuring the following characteristics working in perfect harmony to offer a uniquely cohesive Layer 1 protocol unlike any other.

Syscoin & SupraOracles Visit ETHDenver


A few members of the Syscoin team recently joined our partner, SupraOracles, in Colorado for ETHDenver 2023. Attending conferences always provides a valuable perspective for staying up-to-date on the latest trends, networking with other industry professionals, and gaining exposure to potential partners and supporters. Conferences provide a unique opportunity to learn from other experts in the field, share insights and ideas, and meet members of the community. 

Syscoin Business Developer, Alex Guerra shared his experience of ETHDenver this year:

ETHDenver provided a clear confirmation that Syscoin’s Layer 2, Rollux, is excellently positioned to take advantage of the narrative surrounding ZK technologies and the growing excitement surrounding Web3 gaming. 

We had the opportunity to speak on this at the event we shared with SupraOracles. It was a refreshingly authentic conversation unobstructed by blatant shilling or buzz words. Instead it was focused on stimulating conversations about the technology, which led to forecasting the emerging market surrounding gaming.

Keeping a hand on the pulse of what gamers really want is critical for us to deliver an amazing product we have been working on for some time, while also making it easy to identify the further use cases that will evolve from it in the future. DAOSYS and Rollux are primed to deliver so many proof of concepts that have never even been possible for, and personally, that is something I am extremely excited to watch unfold.

Syscoin Business Developers Alex Guerra and Nathan Hatzfeld on the right
Syscoin Foundation member, Bradley Stephenson, giving a presentation

House of Chimera Champions Syscoin’s Security


How secure is Syscoin? Although Syscoin is merge-mined with Bitcoin to take advantage of their second to none Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, we have made several improvements to our design to increase the resilience of our network. House of Chimera was kind enough to illustrate Syscoin’s unmatched security architecture.

Mar 8, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation