Syscoin Weekly Update XL.

Weekly Video: Why Developers Love Building on Rollux

Welcome to "Why Developers Love Building on Rollux!" In this video, we explore why Rollux is becoming the preferred platform for developers. From our robust technology to our supportive community, find out how we're making it easier than ever to bring your dapp ideas to life. Join our community of innovators and experience the joy of building on Rollux.  

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X Spaces with Score Milk

If you’re interested in the intersection in Web3 and gaming, then hopefully you tuned into yesterday’s X Spaces featuring Rollux’s Derek & Dylan and one of Rollux’s important partners, Score Milk, who are building crypto-based platform to allow gamers to wager on their outcomes of their game performances. They delved into everything from how Score Milk is developing, beginning with a focus on browser-based games to eventually featuring triple A titles like Call of Duty Mobile. If you missed the interview, be sure not to miss the next one. There will be a Discord AMA at 18:00 UTC this Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for more details to come!

If you would like to get started exploring the Score Milk universe today, get started here.

Ignite a New Era with RolluxSpark, Rollux’s Phase 2 Exclusive NFTs

Get ready to capture your spark as Rollux rolls out Phase 2 of its DeFi launch. Introducing RolluxSpark, the official inclusive ecosystem NFT for Rollux, with a limited release of 100,000 NFTs available exclusively on

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking moment in blockchain and DeFi. Secure your RolluxSpark NFT now and ignite a new era of decentralized finance.

Last Friday’s Video: Rollux: The Blockchain Platform You Can’t Afford to Ignore

What if you could experience an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer 2 (L2) that's not just secured by Ethereum, but by Bitcoin? Rollux is here to revolutionize the blockchain landscape with its industry-leading Data Availability solution. It claims to be the most secure, fastest, and affordable decentralized blockchain L2 in existence.

Rollux is not just making bold claims; they stand behind them. If you're an Ethereum developer with your own decentralized application (dApp), Rollux invites you to level up your project for greater security and minimal fees. Discover what you've been missing and embrace the Rollux difference today.

Rollux Celebrates Labor Day by Honoring Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work

This Labor Day, Rollux extends warm wishes to its American community and takes the opportunity to honor Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work (PoW) as the universal laborer in the crypto world. Serving as the security backbone for both Syscoin and Rollux, PoW ensures a robust and secure environment for developers to build and run decentralized applications (dApps). Celebrate the hard work that goes into securing blockchain networks and consider Rollux as your go-to platform for dApp development.

Rollux's Reliability Stands Out Amidst Coinbase's L2 Base Downtime

In a recent tweet, Jagdeep Sidhu, a key figure behind Rollux, highlights the platform's reliability and uptime in contrast to Coinbase's ETH L2 Base, which recently experienced downtime. Despite operating with a fraction of the funding and a smaller team, Rollux has maintained a flawless track record since its launch. The platform's added complexity through Proof of Data Availability (PoDA) and its robust engineering team have ensured a stable and secure environment. Sidhu extends an offer to assist Coinbase, noting that both platforms use similar code. This incident underscores Rollux's commitment to reliability and technical excellence.

The Selfmades: You Need to Watch Syscoin Now

The YouTube channel, The Selfmades, has released an updated review of the Syscoin Platform, including Rollux, and given a decent overview on the qualities that make Syscoin and Rollux a unique proposition to the industry, even including a preview of what’s to come with Rollux Phase 2! If you know someone in need of easily accessible materials for doing their research, this video offers an excellent primer.

Bitcoin is the Worst Form of Money, Except for All the Others…

Bitcoin is the worst form of money, except for all the others.  

The value of Bitcoin lies not in its fungibility but in its expansive decentralized network, making it the ideal settlement layer for all that can be built atop it. The tokens themselves may be arduous to transfer and not well-suited to replace cash, but they excel as a long-term store of value, moved as often as one moves a safe in their home or visits their safe deposit box.  

With Bitcoin's PoW serving as the court with the simple prerogative of determining truth or falsehood, it becomes the robust foundation upon which we build complementary networks, mortared together via merged mining. Here, we gain the ability to wield crypto with the speed and negligible fees that truly deserve the moniker of currency. Z-DAG (Zero-Directed Acyclic Graph) technology makes this feasible.  

Here too, we can build in the ability to form smart contracts and every ability inherent to decentralized applications, even programmed in Solidity, appealing to projects currently stuck within Ethereum's increasingly centralized PoS ecosystem.  

With scaling improvements like rollups—initially Optimistic and eventually ZK, once hardware acceleration and the nascent mining industry mature—fees become negligible (doubly so, considering they are no longer subject to Ethereum's inherent inefficiencies) and eventually nonexistent once ZK catches up. Promising breakthroughs like PoDA demonstrate that a suitable data availability layer is already here.  

This is what we've achieved with Syscoin, a merged-mined network home to dual UTXO (for Bitcoin augmentation) and [N]EVM (for smart contracts) chains. Our industry-first Proof-of-Data Availability solution has been in operation since March. Atop the NEVM chain, we have our own Layer 2, named Rollux, running an Optimistic rollup (with eventual plans to add ZK once the previously stated conditions are met) since June 28th.  

On that date, Rollux became the only EVM-compatible rollup with a real DA solution, offering the magic trifecta of unparalleled speed, affordability, and security. By virtue of inheriting Bitcoin's PoW in combination with Syscoin's greater efficiencies, it lays the groundwork for the emergence of economies of scale that decentralize as they grow, rather than centralize.  

For the uninitiated, I know this is a lot to take in, but it's essential to recognize that we didn't simply arrive here overnight. Few similarities remain between our initial version and vision from 2014, and the path we've taken to reach this point is the result of nearly a decade of learning from both our own and others' misplaced conclusions. We have evolved far beyond our original premise because, when we identified something as unsustainable, we went back to the drawing board. We applied the accumulated knowledge from the vast body of great work occurring within the industry and without, such as decades-old mathematical ideas from the likes of von Neumann, and when no solution was available, we created our own. We're all standing on the shoulders of giants, but some giants still remain, and they are awakening.

Sep 6, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation