Syscoin Weekly Update XVI.

SYS BD Alex G Featured on Wendy O

Five days ago, Syscoin Business Developer Alex Guerra joined Bryce Eddy of his self-titled show and Austin Rampt of Blockbytes along with Wendy O on her show to discuss the state of the market in the context of what’s happening in the legacy financial system. It was an entertaining hour full of valuable information and full of vindication for why Bitcoin and the parallel financial society it pioneered was created in the first place. In lieu of our weekly Syscoin video, we invite you to watch it.

Top News of the Week: Rollux Enters Testnet


Fresh on the heels of Syscoin becoming the first full stack blockchain with a Layer 1 data availability solution (PoDA), its long awaited Layer 2 named Rollux, a product of SYS Labs, entered its final testnet on Monday. Rollux represents the only rollup built on Bitcoin’s PoW security with the flexibility of Ethereum smart contracts, and all of the efficiencies inherited from Syscoin like far lower transaction fees, PoDA for scalability, or the additional security gained from its masternode network. 

If you missed it or you are a curious developer looking for a network capable of being a boon to your project or Dapp idea instead of a hindrance, then read the release here and get started building on Rollux today.

For those wanting a simple summary of what Rollux has to offer, you are invited to read the Twitter thread by the author of these weekly updates, which you can see below.

Syscoin 4.4 PoDA Online Tomorrow


Syscoin’s network upgrade to v4.4, which brings PoDA and a few other tweaks will go live once we reach block 1,586,000 at the revised estimate of 0:39 UTC on Friday or 20:39 EST on Thursday. May this serve as a reminder that this is a mandatory upgrade, which you can read more about here. This is the first step in the two-step process of bringing Rollux to the world. 

Yesterday, the world’s largest centralized exchange, Binance, announced support for the upgrade. Most exchanges do not tweet their support for network upgrades in this manner, but know that we have been communicating with exchanges and mining pools to ensure a smooth transition.

Masternode owners using Allnodes’ hosting service should know they have taken care of the upgrade on your behalf.

Syscoin & Chainge Finance Team Up to Deliver the DeFi Dream



Yesterday, we announced Syscoin and Chainge Finance are combining their powerful DeFi solutions to create a seamless and accessible financial experience. Learn about Chainge Finance's unique cross-chain technology, Fusion DCRM, and the integration $SYS, empowering users to manage their assets effortlessly in a decentralized ecosystem. Read the full article here.

Syscoin Now Available on BlockWallet

On the 16th, BlockWallet, a self-custodial Web3 wallet dedicated to protecting user privacy launched support for Syscoin. In these tumultuous times, it’s worth reminding users to avoid sacrificing their autonomy and leaving their assets on exchanges. We are always appreciative of decentralized alternatives that empower people to take financial responsibility into their own hands. If you’re considering wallet options at the moment, be sure to consider BlockWallet.

DystoWorld Syscoin Collection


The minting of DystoWorld’s Syscoin exclusive ‘DystoSoul’ NFT collection drew to a close today. Hopefully owners of the ‘Syscoin Gold Academy’ NFTs took advantage of the free minting opportunity. Although minting is closed now, you can read more about it by following this Twitter thread.

Mar 22, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation