Syscoin Weekly Update XXIII.

Weekly Video: All-Teams Fireside: Consensus 2023 Recap

The Syscoin team is currently working together to reimagine the weekly videos we produce for the community and we are taking advantage of some of the latest technology available in order to do so. Due to this, we do not have an original video for you this week, but we promise it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the following:

Last Thursday, members of the Syscoin team held a Twitter Space to recap on the event and discuss our perspectives going forward. In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered.

Rollux & SupraOracles Consensus Party

Speaking of Consensus, check out this quick interview featuring Lead Core Developer of Syscoin, Jagdeep Sidhu, speaking with Samurai of ESR 24/7 ESports Network about Web3 gaming as enabled by Rollux. 

At the same event, Syscoin Business Developer, Alex Guerra, also had a quick interview with Samurai.

These are just a glimpse of their in-depth ‘Inside Web3 Gaming’ episode set to release mid-June so stay tuned!

However, Wendy O also got a chance to interview SupraOracles Director of Ecosystem, Vincent Chen. Supra Oracles is the official oracle provider for Rollux and plays a critical role in helping us deliver a truly next-gen blockchain experience.

Rollux Rollout Level 3

Don’t miss out on the biggest Rollux Galxe Campaign in existence in order to unlock tokens you can trade for exclusive NFTs that may come in handy down the road. There isn’t much time left, so take your shot today!

Luxy NFT Platform Exits Beta

After nearly two years of rigorous development and community-driven improvements, Luxy, the premier NFT platform of the Rollux ecosystem, is officially moving out of its beta phase! Throughout this journey, Luxy has achieved numerous milestones, from the successful IDO of its $LUXY token to the expansion of its platform to Ethereum and Polygon, and its strategic synergy with Syscoin. The evolution from beta to a stable platform has been marked by diligent attention to user feedback, leading to enhancements in platform stability, bug resolution, infrastructure, and security. These improvements, along with Luxy's development of two launchpad versions and partnerships with high-profile projects, have culminated in a comprehensive security audit, marking the official transition out of beta.

But this is just the beginning for Luxy. Having recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Sys Labs, Luxy is poised for a monumental year ahead. Luxy's mission is to revolutionize the NFT world by creating a platform that is both user-friendly and secure. Despite running a large platform with a lean team, the commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering. The goal is to transform Luxy into a top-notch NFT marketplace and the preferred platform for creators and collectors alike. As Luxy continues to grow and innovate, users and the broader community can look forward to an exciting future.

To celebrate this, Luxy has announced their giveaway of 100k $LUXY to fifteen luck participants. Take your shot by following the directions below.

What’s Up with $PEPE & BRC20s?

As the BRC20 meme token storm sweeps through, are we losing sight of Bitcoin's original vision? We will soon release an article that calls for a vital refocus amidst concerns about the network's stability and efficiency. In it we will also delve into the transformative potential of merged mining with coins like Syscoin, opening up new revenue streams while empowering Bitcoin's pivotal role in global financial governance. Intrigued about how Bitcoin could foster a Nash equilibrium underpinned by the Mutually Assured Destruction principle? Do you even know what that sentence means? Stay tuned for the full-length article - it's time to explore the uncharted terrains of Bitcoin's potential as only the Syscoin platform is prepared to discover.

In the meantime, enjoy this Twitter Space where we discuss this exact topic:

Rollux Fixes Bitcoin & Ethereum

If that sounds good to you, get ready for the first mature blockchain ecosystem with the launch of Rollux, coming soon…

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May 11, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation