Syscoin Weekly Update XXVI.

Weekly Video: Looking To The Future Of Syscoin, Where We Were and Where We’re Going

This past Saturday, members of the Syscoin team, Bradley, Alex, and Dylan, sat down with Corey Costa to discuss Syscoin’s future, our endeavor to solve or address the classic trilemma, and what is on the horizon for the Syscoin ecosystem. 

It’s nearly an hour long show in a podcast format, so feel free to turn it on in the background as you do some chores, but then you'd miss our beautiful faces...

Behind the Blockchain: João Fernandes

This week we're featuring an exclusive interview with João Fernandes, Syscoin's Business Developer and Partnerships Lead. João shares his journey from being a community member to playing a crucial role in Syscoin's growth. Discover his insights on blockchain adoption, Syscoin's unique position in the global market, and his visions for the future of Syscoin. As a bonus, get a glimpse of his experience at the premier blockchain event, Consensus, and his personal interests in technology and gaming. Want to know more about the man helping Syscoin shape the future of blockchain? Read the full interview here.

Major Twitter Space Tomorrow

Everyone, be sure to mark your calendars for an incredible Twitter Space hosted by Syscoin and SYS Labs tomorrow! Whether you’re a hardcore Syscoin supporter who’s been here since 2014 or you are simply interested in blockchain technology and what’s taking place in this space, this is relevant to you. On June 1 at 4 PM UTC, the teams behind Syscoin, Rollux, and SYS Labs, will be opening up about what we’ve been working on. Do not miss it!

SuperDapp Development Update

Get ready for an exciting update on the progress of SuperDapp, SYS Labs' innovative blend of Web3 and AI that is poised to be one of Rollux’s killer dapps! The team is gearing up for its first public release, complete with Apple, Android, and Web versions. They've been tirelessly optimizing SuperDapp for both web and mobile use, enhancing chat privacy and security, and revamping design for audio/video calls. They've also successfully integrated GPT-4 AI (AIDA) and are refining its functionalities. Plus, they're launching a new website that showcases everything SuperDapp has to offer. Want a sneak peek of the future of SuperDapp? Read the full update here.

Pali Wallet V2 Launch

The official web and mobile, non-custodial wallet of the Syscoin ecosystems, Pali, is set to upgrade to version two on June 5, 2023. Pali Wallet operates similarly to MetaMask in that it provides an intuitive experience for securing and using your assets, and it has been upgraded in preparation for the launch of Rollux. If you are a Pali Wallet user, be sure to follow all of the steps to ensure a smooth transition.

Hotepcon 2023

Patrick and Alex of the Syscoin Team will be on the ground representing Syscoin and Rollux with Hotep Jesus for the Hotep Nation Conference 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re interested in joining them, tickets are still available, but you can also take part in Patrick’s contest for a chance to win a spot on an off-road adventure through the Nevada desert and a lovely dinner. Follow Patrick’s tweets below to enter.

May 31, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation