Syscoin Weekly Update XXXIII.

Bonus Thursday Video: Syscoin Rollux: Decentralize Your World

Step into a world where you control your own destiny, thanks to the power of decentralized technologies. Syscoin & Rollux are leading this change, building a new kind of society with blockchain technology. From online marketplaces to personal identity solutions, the opportunities are endless. Join us on this exciting journey towards a future where you're in charge. Don't miss this chance to see how blockchain technology can change your life.

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Weekly Video: Rollux: Empowering Developers, Helping Users

Are you a developer seeking to elevate your EVM dapps? Rollux is your answer, offering unmatched scalability, security, and affordability. Users can anticipate lightning-fast transactions, minimal fees, and a seamless experience across a wide variety of platforms. Join our vibrant community of developers and users who have already embraced Rollux and witness the true potential of decentralized applications. 

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Watch it on YouTube here or simply view the tweet below.

Behind the Blockchain: Fernando


Speaking of developers, meet Fernando, a seasoned Core Developer for Syscoin, Rollux, and SYS Labs, who is transforming the landscape of Web3 from his base in Lima, Peru. With a unique blend of software and blockchain development expertise, Fernando is not only striving to make blockchain platforms more user-friendly but is also paving the way for the integration of AI in the blockchain industry. Read the full article to discover his intriguing journey from a coding enthusiast to a key player in blockchain, and how his vision is influencing the future of the Syscoin ecosystem while empowering underserved communities.

Attention Masternode Operators!

The Syscoin Foundation has introduced a novel solution to the challenge of achieving fair and effective initial token distribution for new crypto projects. By incorporating Syscoin's network of masternode owners into airdrop strategies, projects can ensure their tokens gain broad distribution among some of the most seasoned crypto enthusiasts. These masternode owners, many of whom have reached full maturity by operating their nodes for over 2.5 years, are known for their commitment to holding tokens long-term, participating in governance, and fostering community growth. Projects interested in collaborating with the Syscoin Foundation for their airdrops can reach out for assistance and access to the list of EVM addresses, masternode statuses, and seniority.

The first project to leverage this strategy is SuperDapp with its upcoming SUPR airdrop. The Syscoin Foundation has also announced the launch of the Syscoin Masternode EVM Registry desktop web app, a first-of-its-kind tool that allows UTXO-based masternode owners to trustlessly and provably assign an EVM address to their masternodes. This development extends the potential benefits and functionality for masternode owners into EVM blockchains, including Rollux or Ethereum.

SuperDapp’s Airdrop on Rollux is LIVE!

The Syscoin Foundation has unveiled the Syscoin Masternode EVM Registry desktop web app, a first-of-its-kind tool that allows masternode owners to link an EVM address to their masternode(s) to participate in token airdrops, such as the upcoming SUPR token of SuperDapp. To participate in the SUPR airdrop, masternode owners are required to link their Rollux address to their masternode using the new tool, ensure their masternode collateral remains locked, and maintain their masternode's reliable service to the Syscoin network. Owners of multiple masternodes can register each of them to receive more SUPR tokens, with each individual masternode meeting the criteria receiving the same amount.

Owning a Syscoin masternode offers unique benefits and incentives, including earning L1 base block rewards in SYS, seniority bonuses over time, and the ability to participate in decentralized governance by voting on monthly funding proposals. With the new Masternode EVM Registry, masternode owners also have the opportunity to own a stake in the success of EVM-based projects through token airdrops. Each masternode requires the owner to hold 100,000 SYS and operate a full node, with the rewards earned as an owner covering reasonable hosting costs. The registry is a desktop web app designed to operate alongside the Syscoin Core collateral wallet, enabling users to trustlessly and provably link an EVM address to their masternode using the Syscoin native (UTXO) chain.

Blockworks’ Dives Deep into Rollux 

Syscoin is pushing the boundaries of blockchain scalability, leveraging its unique dual-chain layer 1 architecture. The recent launch of Rollux, our Layer 2 scaling solution, is a testament to Syscoin's commitment to enhancing security, decentralization, and speed in the blockchain space.

This article by Blockworks delves into how Rollux, developed by Syscoin, is setting new industry standards. Utilizing layer 2 rollups and the industry’s only L1 Proof-of-Data Availability solution, Rollux is revolutionizing blockchain scalability. This development is a game-changer for the blockchain industry, effectively addressing the blockchain trilemma and paving the way for future growth and mass adoption. For an in-depth understanding of how Syscoin and Rollux are shaping the future of blockchain, be sure to read the full article.

How Syscoin Achieves New Heights with PoDA

Syscoin’s Lead Core Developer, Jagdeep Sidhu, recently spoke about how Syscoin & Rollux are realizing the true potential of blockchain scalability and security with our industry-leading Proof-of-Data Availability solution. You can listen to the hour-long Twitter Space hosted by our partner, Lighthouse Storage, who is already using PoDA to solve the data availability equation no one else has executed so well.

Rollux, Tryvium Travels, & NOW Payments to Challenge Web2 Travel Agencies

Rollux has partnered with Tryvium Travels, a blockchain-empowered, crypto-friendly booking platform set to revolutionize the travel industry, and NOW Payments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway. This collaboration aims to disrupt the conventional norms of travel booking by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Tryvium Travels' zero-fee, decentralized infrastructure connects hosts and clients directly, eliminating intermediaries and offering competitive rates. With the integration of Rollux, transactions will be faster, more efficient, and secure, enhancing the checkout experience for users. Additionally, travelers using SYS payments on Tryvium can enjoy exclusive rewards and benefits. Discover how this partnership is transforming the travel industry and making digital commerce more accessible and efficient. 

WEChart Integrates Rollux

WEChart, a growth suite for Web3 economies, has officially integrated Rollux to provide its users with the most secure, scalable, and affordable DeFi tools. WEChart is a product of WEconomy, the largest Web3 Incubator in Asia, which also happens to be solely dedicated to the Syscoin Rollux ecosystem.

Rollux DigiFinex Twitter Space

Syscoin Foundation Member, Bradley, and Syscoin Business Developer, Alex G., were recently featured on a DigiFinex Twitter Space and got down to the brass tax on why Syscoin and now Rollux are changing the blockchain landscape by solving its most important challenges in novel ways.

Catch Corey Costa’s YouTube Show Today!

Yesterday, Bradley, Alex G., and Dylan were guests on Corey Costa’s YouTube show to discuss the latest happening with Syscoin Rollux and the greater industry. If you missed it, fear not for you can watch the recording at your own convenience and get caught up on the amazing milestones Rollux has achieved, information about the Multichain debacle, and more.

Jul 20, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation