Syscoin Weekly Update XXXVIII.

Weekly Video: How Rollux Is Empowering the Decentralization Movement

Welcome to Rollux, where decentralization is more than just a trend – it's a movement. In this video, explore how we're leveraging innovative technologies to create a platform that's secure, scalable, and truly decentralized. Experience the power of decentralization with Rollux and discover why we're at the forefront of this transformative movement. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain and be part of the change. Watch now and be inspired to join the movement. 

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Behind the Blockchain: Derek Gibson

Meet Derek, a dynamic and passionate advocate for blockchain technology, who has become an integral part of the Syscoin and Rollux community. With a diverse professional background ranging from construction to renewable energies, Derek's journey into the world of cryptocurrency began in 2017, leading him to a significant collaboration with Syscoin through StakeCube. As Community Lead, he's committed to fostering an engaged community, focusing on user growth and collaborations that align with Syscoin and Rollux's vision. Derek's enthusiasm for Rollux, which he sees as one of the most secure L2 networks, is driving innovations like Merged Mining and Zero Knowledge. His dedication to promoting blockchain ideals, coupled with his strategic approach to community engagement and his optimistic vision for the future of Syscoin, Rollux, and the broader blockchain industry, makes him a vital asset to the community. Follow Derek's journey and stay connected with Syscoin's evolution to witness the transformative power of passion and innovation in technology and finance. Read the full article here.

AiDA Unleashed: SuperDapp's Whitepaper Unveils the Future of AI Interaction

SuperDapp has released its whitepaper on the Advanced Interactive Digital Assistant (AiDA), an AI-driven innovation set to transform user interaction. With features like Automation, Shared Conversational Memory, and (Sub)Conscious Reflections, AiDA promises to bring dynamism and a new level of engagement. Explore the whitepaper to understand how SuperDapp, in collaboration with Syscoin and Rollux, is revolutionizing the digital experience. Read more.

Last Friday’s Video: Rollux: The Ultimate Solution for Scalability in Blockchain

Welcome to Rollux: The Ultimate Solution for Scalability in Blockchain. In a world where scalability has long challenged the blockchain space, Rollux is changing the game. Leveraging innovative technologies like Rollups and Syscoin’s industry-leading Data Availability solution, we're creating a platform that scales with demand without compromising security or decentralization. Experience the future of scalability with Rollux and join us on this exciting journey. Watch now to discover how we're redefining blockchain and learn more about Syscoin and Rollux's cutting-edge solutions.

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Rollux in the Spotlight: A Video Feature with Insightful Corrections

Rollux recently shared a video feature about their platform, celebrating the coverage while also taking the opportunity to correct some misconceptions. As the only EVM L2 backed by Bitcoin's PoW and Syscoin's PoDA, Rollux's unique blend of security, speed, and affordability was highlighted. The accompanying tweets provided clarifications on key aspects, ensuring an accurate understanding of Syscoin's merged mining, NEVM L1's purposeful slowing, staking availability, and more. By sharing the video and offering precise corrections, Rollux invites viewers to explore their innovative technology while maintaining transparency and accuracy. You can watch the video and see our notes on it by visiting the X thread below.

Rollux and Syscoin's Innovative Approach: Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA)

House of Chimera recently spotlighted Rollux, an EVM-equivalent OP rollup fueled by $SYS, and Syscoin's unique solution for Data Availability (DA) known as Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA). As a significant issue in scalability, DA requires a balance between guaranteeing availability and preventing data overhead. Syscoin's PoDA offers a modular, blockchain-focused design that addresses this big data problem, scaling with the number of processed transactions. This quick take by House of Chimera provides a concise overview of Rollux's integration with Syscoin's PoDA, highlighting the innovation at the core of their technology.

Token Bulksender Joins Forces with Rollux: Streamlined Transactions with Lower Fees

Token Bulksender has officially integrated with Rollux, opening up a new avenue for users to “bulksend” $SYS, ERC20 tokens, and NFTs to multiple addresses in a single transaction. This integration not only simplifies the process but also significantly reduces the associated fees. By leveraging Rollux's technology, Token Bulksender enhances the user experience, making it more efficient and cost-effective to manage bulk transactions. This collaboration reflects the ongoing commitment to innovation and user satisfaction within the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems. Check out the new feature on Token Bulksender's website.

Tuesday’s Video: How Rollux Is Making Blockchain More Accessible

Welcome to Rollux, where we believe that blockchain has the potential to change the world, and to do that, it must be accessible to all. In this video, discover how we're committed to making Rollux user-friendly for both seasoned developers and those new to the world of blockchain. Since Rollux is Ethereum-compatible, it opens doors to Solidity developers, the largest developer talent pool in Web3. If your favorite Ethereum project isn't already on Rollux, invite them to join us, and let's make blockchain for everyone. Watch now and be part of the change.

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A Deep Dive into DYOR with Rollux's Proguerra on MC²Fi's Space

Rollux's very own Alex Guerra recently joined MC²Fi's Space to discuss the critical importance of "Doing Your Own Research" (DYOR) and making informed decisions in the crypto space. This insightful conversation delved into the nuances of research, decision-making, and the role of Rollux in the evolving blockchain landscape. Although the live event has concluded, interested listeners can still access the discussion and gain valuable insights from an industry expert. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this engaging conversation, available below.

Rollux x Alinti Coin: A Special Spanish-Language AMA Event

GoRollux, Alinti Coin, and members of the Rollux team are joining forces for an exciting AMA session conducted entirely in Spanish. Hosted on X Spaces, the event features key figures from each project, including Alex and Marki. Scheduled for this Friday the 25th, this unique collaboration provides an opportunity for the massive Rollux Spanish-speaking community to engage directly with industry leaders and learn more about these projects and our endeavors. This is a must-attend event for Spanish-speaking crypto enthusiasts, so don’t miss it!

Aug 23, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation