Spark Mobile Wallet Raffle

50,000 SYS will be given away during our mobile wallet raffle, thanks to donations from the Syscoin Community.

Details on how to enter can be found below.

Prize tiers:
1 x First prize: 20,000 SYS
4 x Second prizes: 5,000 SYS each
5 x Third prizes: 2,000 SYS each

Last date for entries is midnight (UTC) on November 30th 2019.

Winners will be randomly selected from qualifying entries and will be announced shortly after the closing date.

Step 1

Download the Android wallet here and follow the installation instructions.

Or the iOS wallet here, and follow the Test Flight installation instructions (No redeem codes) 

Keep in mind, the mobile wallet is currently Alpha. In the near future downloading and installing will be even easier, like a typical app.

Step 2

To qualify for the raffle you simply need to register your Syscoin address as provided in your wallet. But first, you will need a small amount of SYS which can be obtained for free from the Syscoin Faucet. To get some free SYS, open your wallet, go to RECEIVE, then copy the address you see.  Then head to the faucet, paste your Syscoin address in the address field, and hit Start.

Next you will see the claimable amount of SYS grow as your host continues to perform mining work.  Allow this amount to accrue until it shows more than 0.001 SYS, then click the CLAIM button. The SYS will show up in your wallet within a minute or two.

Step 3

Now, in your wallet, go to SEND.  Enter 1914 in the note field. Then send 0.001 SYS to the following address: sys1q8zndaxncjx3k4lydcj84hu5gc8shgvfftrytx3

You are now registered and qualified for the raffle! 

Don't forget to give your feedback about the wallet here.

Nov 5, 2019 by SDMT