Syscoin Weekly Update L.

Weekly Video: The Power of Merged Mining for Rollux

Discover the strength of merged mining in our latest video, "The Power of Merged Mining for Rollux." Witness how Rollux, built on Syscoin, harnesses Bitcoin's network for unmatched security and efficiency. Syscoin's unique blend of merged mining and a pragmatic masternode network elevates this technology, offering more effectiveness and efficiency. Watch as we explore the transformative power of Rollux and redefine the boundaries of blockchain technology. 

It’s worth mentioning that since we filmed this video, Syscoin has surpassed 60% of Bitcoin’s hashrate, solidifying Rollux as the most secure and decentralized EVM L2 in existence (in addition to being the fastest and most  affordable).

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Grab Your Chance: Rollux Phase 2 Giveaway Awaits!

Dive into the Rollux Phase 2 Giveaway! Join us in celebrating the prowess of Rollux as the swiftest, most cost-effective, and secure Layer 2 EVM around. Follow the simple steps in our latest tweet for a shot at winning our utility token. Don't miss out—your key to the future of blockchain could be a tweet away! 

Enhancing Blockchain Security: Syscoin & Rollux's Strategic Approach

In a recent thread, Rollux emphasized the essential role of security in blockchain, inspired by Diffie and Hellman's cryptographic innovations. Syscoin and Rollux merge Bitcoin's Proof of Work (PoW) security with Ethereum's smart contract flexibility. Their Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA) introduces a scalable, efficient solution for EVM L2s, prioritizing user empowerment and digital sovereignty. This strategic approach marks a significant step in safeguarding digital assets and interactions, inviting the community to partake in a new era of trust and technological progress in blockchain.

Syscoin Foundation & SYS Labs at Devconnect Istanbul: Pioneering the Future of Blockchain and AI

Teams from Syscoin Foundation and SYS Labs have been actively participating in the Devconnect conference in Istanbul, showcasing their latest innovations and collaborations in the blockchain and AI space. Their presence at the event highlights their commitment to enhancing the human experience through advanced technologies.

At the "Ethereum's Orbit" event, SYS Labs, representing Rollux, along with partners like SupraOracles, Polyhedra, RiscZero, and Metis, delved into the future of Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) and blockchain technology. This gathering was more than just an event; it was a hub for forward-thinking developers, researchers, and engineers exploring hybrid architectures and the potential for innovation and collaboration in the blockchain realm.

The agenda was packed with insightful workshops, panels, and networking opportunities, covering topics from Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology to the importance of archiving Data Availability. SYS Labs co-hosted this event, emphasizing their role as venture builders leveraging the Syscoin tech stack and Bitcoin's network.

Furthermore, Dr. Ian Moore is presenting a groundbreaking DeFi 3.0 Liquidity Management Protocol, exploring how decentralized finance can evolve in unexpected and innovative ways. His upcoming speech at the Open Data Günü, titled "Can Money Grow In Trees?"promises to offer a deep dive into an upcoming product, inviting attendees in Istanbul or those at Devconnect to join this exploration of decentralized finance's future.

Syscoin Foundation & SYS Labs' participation in Devconnect Istanbul underscores their dedication to shaping the future of blockchain and AI, fostering a community of innovation and collaboration. 

Syscoin's Milestone: Surpassing 50%, now 60%, of Bitcoin's Hashrate

Syscoin celebrates a significant milestone, achieving over 50% of Bitcoin's hashrate, a testament to a decade of persistent development and innovation. (Since this tweet we have exceeded 60%!) This achievement not only underscores Syscoin's security and performance but also enhances Rollux, touted as the industry's leading secure, performant, and cost-effective Ethereum Virtual Machine Layer 2 solution. This marks a new chapter in Syscoin's journey, reinforcing the power of Proof-of-Work and the robustness of its infrastructure.

Bridging Assets, Winning Big: The Layerswap & Rollux Rocket Campaign

The Layerswap & Rollux Rocket Campaign offers a unique opportunity for users to transfer digital assets to Rollux via Layerswap's bridge and win exciting prizes. The grand prize is one $ETH, with an additional ten winners sharing a 10k $SYS prize pool. Details and rules of the campaign are available on the Rollux website.

This initiative is a continuation of the strategic partnership between Syscoin, Rollux, and Layerswap, focusing on enhancing liquidity and simplifying asset transfers across exchanges and blockchains. Layerswap, known for its efficient asset transfers from Centralized Exchanges to blockchains, has integrated the Rollux chain to provide liquidity for $ETH and $USDC. This integration, encompassing all three Syscoin chains, is a significant advancement in increasing the liquidity and accessibility of $SYS, furthering the goal of making blockchain technology more accessible and practical.

Coinify & Rollux: Expanding the $SYS Ecosystem with Exciting Giveaways

Coinify, in partnership with Rollux, has launched an exciting $SYS giveaway, marking a significant phase in their collaboration. From now until December 13, every purchase of $SYS through Coinify on Pali Wallet offers a chance to win big, with a grand prize of 10K $SYS and a total prize pool of 20K $SYS for 10 winners.

This giveaway is part of Rollux's Phase 2 DeFi launch, showcasing multiple ways to earn $SYS. It includes the official Rollux giveaway and the Layerswap giveaway, further enhancing the Rollux ecosystem's appeal. This initiative follows the strategic partnership between Rollux and Coinify, aimed at bridging the gap between fiat and crypto. Coinify's integration across Rollux platforms, including Pali Wallet and Pegasys DEX, provides a seamless fiat onramp for acquiring $SYS tokens, simplifying access for both crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. This integration is a testament to Rollux's commitment to making blockchain technology more accessible and practical, aligning with Syscoin's vision of a more inclusive and functional decentralized financial ecosystem.

Exploring Bitcoin's Bright Future: Insights from Recent Space

Layer Two LabsPeter Sztorc recently hosted an engaging X space, featuring insights from notable figures like Jagdeep Sidhu and Bradley Stephenson. This session delved into the evolving potential of Bitcoin, with Sztorc representing drivechains and Sidhu & Stephenson representing Rollux, highlighting its promising future. The discussion emphasized the importance of Bitcoin's Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism, a cornerstone of its security and reliability. This aligns with Rollux's commitment to leveraging BTC's robust framework, particularly in the context of Syscoin's integrated approach to blockchain technology. The Space offered a unique perspective on how Bitcoin continues to shape the blockchain landscape, reinforcing its status as a key player in the industry's future. For enthusiasts and experts alike, this session provided valuable insights into the ongoing evolution and enduring significance of Bitcoin.

DeFi on Bitcoin: A New Era by Jagdeep Sidhu

In "Bitcoin Beyond BIP 300: What the Future Holds for DeFi on BTC," authored by Jagdeep Sidhu, Syscoin & Rollux's Lead Core Developer, Bitcoin Magazine delves into the transformative potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin network. Sidhu's insights illuminate the implications of BIP 300, a proposal that could significantly enhance Bitcoin's functionality, enabling it to support complex DeFi applications. This article is pivotal for understanding how Bitcoin, traditionally viewed as a digital store of value, is on the cusp of evolving into a robust platform for secure and decentralized financial transactions. Sidhu's expertise offers a unique perspective on the integration of DeFi capabilities into Bitcoin, suggesting a future where Bitcoin extends its influence beyond being a cryptocurrency to becoming a central figure in the DeFi landscape. This piece is essential reading for those interested in the future of Bitcoin and DeFi, offering a glimpse into how these developments could reshape the world of decentralized finance.

SuperDapp's Journey to Public Beta: Simplified and Exciting

SuperDapp is on its way to launching an exciting Public Beta in Q1 2024. It's not just another app; it's a special platform where you can chat securely, use AI, and handle crypto, all shaped by what you need. SuperDapp is working hard to include a cool new feature called SocialFi from the start. This feature will make SuperDapp really stand out by mixing social and financial tools in a fun way. The team is taking extra time to make sure everything works perfectly and to launch when more people are excited about crypto. This wait means SuperDapp will be even better and more fun to use. The team thanks everyone for their support and can't wait to show off SuperDapp in 2024. Read the full release here, and stay tuned for more news!

SYSLink Unveils V2 Staking dApp: A New Era for DeFi Enthusiasts

SYSLink has just launched its V2 staking dApp, marking a significant step forward in the DeFi space. With this new dApp, you can now stake Syslink tokens ($SYSL) and earn up to 10% APY in $PSYS tokens. This innovative platform combines the latest in Web3 technology with substantial rewards, offering a lucrative opportunity for both traders and stakers.

Remember, SYSLink team members or community admins will never send direct messages first on social media. If you receive such messages, report them immediately on the Discord server. Get started with your staking journey by visiting

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Nov 15, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation