Syscoin Rollux Weekly Update LIX.

Weekly Video: Rollux: The Blockchain Platform You Can’t Afford to Ignore

This week's highlight features Rollux, a trailblazing EVM blockchain platform setting new standards in the industry. Rollux distinguishes itself with its innovative approach, utilizing merged mining to enhance security and scalability while maintaining affordability. It's not just about keeping up with trends; Rollux is actively shaping the future of blockchain technology. As a Layer 2 solution that is Ethereum-compatible, Rollux offers remarkably low transaction fees, approximately one one-thousandth of a cent. This makes it a highly attractive option for developers and users seeking cost-effective, secure, and scalable solutions for decentralized applications. Emphasizing Syscoin's Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA) and Bitcoin's robust Proof-of-Work (PoW) network security, Rollux presents an unparalleled combination of affordability, security, and innovation in the blockchain space.

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Lisbon Lights the Way: Syscoin's Decade of Decentralization

Last week, the Syscoin and SYS Labs teams gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, igniting the fuse for what promises to be Syscoin's most monumental year yet, coinciding with its tenth anniversary. This gathering was a hive of activity, focusing on unified strategies to enhance Total Value Locked (TVL), virality, and utility across Syscoin's ecosystem. This includes exciting developments from SYS Labs, SuperDapp, Rollux, Luxy, and Pegasys, hinting at groundbreaking upgrades and a suite of innovative products.

The community is abuzz with anticipation for a major announcement expected early next week. Keep a close eye on X (formerly Twitter) for an upcoming Space where the team will reveal key takeaways from Lisbon and details about the new technology featured in the announcement. This Space will be an excellent opportunity for Syscoin enthusiasts and the broader community to engage directly with the speakers and dive deeper into the future of Syscoin and its associated projects. 

Syscoin Expands Reach: Adds $SYS (NEVM) has recently added support for NEVM $SYS, marking expansion in our utility token's availability. This new integration extends to residents in the European Economic Area (EEA), Malta, Reunion Islands, Martinique, and Mayotte. Additionally, individuals residing in these areas have the opportunity to apply for the CryptoWallet card, enhancing the practical use of $SYS in everyday transactions. For more information and to apply for the card, visit CryptoWallet's website at This development represents a notable step forward in Syscoin's journey towards wider adoption and utility.

Syscoin's Innovation Recognized by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Syscoin's commitment to delivering innovative and scalable blockchain solutions has been acknowledged by two major cryptocurrency information platforms, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Both platforms have featured Syscoin in their respective Modular and Data Availability categories. This recognition highlights Syscoin's growing visibility and influence in the crypto space, underscoring its dedication to developing solutions that address key challenges in blockchain technology.

For more insights into Syscoin's placement and the significance of these categories, you can visit CoinMarketCap's Data Availability and Modular Blockchain sections, as well as CoinGecko's Modular Blockchain and Data Availability categories. These listings are a testament to Syscoin's ongoing efforts to bring blockchain technology to the forefront of global adoption and utility.

Syscoin UTXO Live on Klever Wallet

Klever Wallet has announced the integration of UTXO $SYS, having already featured NEVM $SYS, marking a significant enhancement in the accessibility and security of Syscoin transactions. Users of Klever Wallet can now effortlessly send and receive $SYS, benefiting from the wallet's top-tier security features and safe crypto storage options. This integration also facilitates access to subtokens within the Syscoin ecosystem. To complete the $SYS token trifecta, users can also add Rollux $SYS as an NEVM subtoken.

Available on iOS, Android, and AppGallery, Klever Wallet's latest update is a step forward for the Syscoin community, offering a more seamless and secure crypto experience. To explore this new feature and upgrade your crypto experience with Syscoin, visit Klever Wallet. This development represents another stride in Syscoin's journey towards widespread adoption and user-friendly blockchain solutions.

Syscoin Stands Out in KuCoin's Weekly Leading Sectors

In a recent highlight by KuCoin, Syscoin was featured as a leading player in the Modular Blockchain sector. Responding to this, Syscoin emphasized its unique strengths compared to other tokens like $TIA in the same category. Syscoin sets itself apart by being secured by Bitcoin through Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA), expanding Bitcoin's ecosystem, and offering both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) scalability via Rollux and UTXO capabilities. Additionally, Syscoin boasts some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry, approximately $0.00005 on Rollux.

This recognition by KuCoin, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, underscores Syscoin's growing influence and innovation in the modular blockchain and data availability space. Syscoin's unique blend of features and its commitment to low-cost transactions make it a standout choice for users and developers alike in the evolving world of blockchain technology.

Syscoin and Polyhedra Network: Pioneering Bitcoin Ecosystem Expansion

Polyhedra Network's recent thread and article highlight their groundbreaking work in expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem, with a special mention of Syscoin's pivotal role. Syscoin is lauded as the foundational platform for the industry's leading Data Availability solution, PoDA, uniquely operating on Bitcoin. This collaboration integrates Syscoin's merged mining system with Polyhedra's zkBridge, a move that significantly enhances Bitcoin's security and accessibility to a broader audience.

The article, "Building the Largest Interoperable Bitcoin Ecosystem with zkBridge," delves into the innovative efforts of Polyhedra Network in fostering interoperability within the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond. Their Bitcoin Messaging Protocol, powered by zkBridge, is a first-of-its-kind trustless interoperability protocol linking Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other networks. This protocol, leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, enables seamless cross-chain interactions and broadens the utility of Bitcoin, making it more accessible and functional across various blockchain networks.

Syscoin's integration in this ecosystem is a testament to its technological prowess and commitment to enhancing Bitcoin's security and functionality. The collaboration with Polyhedra Network positions Syscoin at the forefront of the evolving Bitcoin ecosystem, contributing to a more interconnected and robust blockchain landscape. This partnership is a significant step in realizing the full potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, paving the way for innovative solutions and expanded use cases. We promise there is much more to come out of this partnership, so we suggest you keep your eyes peeled!

SuperDapp’s Week in Review

SuperDapp is poised to redefine the landscape of digital interactions with its upcoming launch, emphasizing privacy, decentralization, and AI-driven solutions. Over the past week, SuperDapp has highlighted its commitment to setting new standards in digital security and user privacy. The platform's core features include end-to-end (E2E) encryption, non-custodial wallets, anonymous sign-ups, and innovative DieFi technology for managing digital legacies.

SuperDapp is not just about enhanced security; it's an "everything dapp" that integrates chat, Web3 functionalities, social features, and AI into a unified experience. With AiDA, SuperDapp's personalized AI assistant, users can enjoy secure blockchain-powered interactions and engage in a vibrant community using SUPR tokens. This platform is transforming the concept of dapps by offering seamless, secure communication and collaboration, effectively eliminating the need for app-hopping.

Anticipating the future, SuperDapp is set to integrate various digital needs into a single, user-friendly platform, combining secure blockchain technology with efficiency. This marks a significant step towards a new era of connectivity and interaction, where privacy and convenience are paramount.

Stay tuned for the launch of SuperDapp and be part of this groundbreaking journey. For more information and updates, visit SuperDapp's website and join the revolution in unified digital life. Don’t miss out on any insights by following SuperDapp on X.

Pali Wallet V 1.1.4 Released

Pali Wallet, the official wallet of the Syscoin Rollux ecosystems and a SYS Labs product, has announced an exciting update with Version 1.1.4 of Pali Mobile. This latest version expands its capabilities by enabling users to view their NFTs on various leading blockchains, including Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, and BNB Chain.

This enhancement marks a significant step in Pali Wallet's evolution, offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for NFT enthusiasts. Users are encouraged to update their Pali Wallet to enjoy these new features and continue experiencing the best in mobile wallet functionality.

Jagdeep Sidhu: Reflecting on Corporate Ethics, Syscoin's Evolution, and the Future of Blockchain

Jagdeep Sidhu, Syscoin's Lead Core Developer and CEO of SYS Labs, has been vocal over the past week, sharing insights that span from corporate ethics to the future of blockchain technology. Sidhu expressed concern over the loss of the human element in corporate America, highlighting the need for compassion and respect in professional environments. This reflection came in response to a video depicting the harsh realities of corporate dismissals, underscoring the importance of maintaining human dignity in all business practices.

In a significant development for Syscoin, Sidhu announced the revival of Blockmarket Web ($BMW), the original use case for which Syscoin was created. Envisioned as a decentralized marketplace akin to eBay, BMW's initial concept was shelved due to technological limitations. However, with advancements in blockchain architecture, Sidhu believes the time is ripe to revisit and realize this vision, marking a return to Syscoin's roots and its commitment to decentralized commerce.

Sidhu also engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on blockchain security, comparing two hypothetical scenarios involving resource scarcity and economic productivity. Through this dialogue, he emphasized the resilience of Nakamoto consensus against majority attacks, highlighting the inherent strengths of Proof of Work (PoW) over Proof of Stake (PoS) systems. This conversation aligns with Syscoin's philosophy of leveraging PoW for enhanced security and decentralization.

Concluding the week on a high note, Sidhu expressed immense pride in being part of the Syscoin team, dedicated to the public good and driven by a sense of purpose. This sentiment reflects the team's commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for societal benefit, underlining Syscoin's role in shaping a more equitable and decentralized future. Sidhu's reflections and announcements underscore a week of introspection, innovation, and reaffirmation of Syscoin's core values and goals. Be sure to follow Sidhu on X to never miss a scoop!

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