Syscoin Rollux Weekly Update LXVI.

Weekly Video: Rollux and PoW, Powering the Optimal EVM L2

In a vibrant showcase, Rollux emerges as the premier EVM Layer 2 solution, distinguishing itself with a blend of speed, affordability, and scalability, all underpinned by the security of Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work (PoW) through Syscoin's innovative PoDA. This video presentation highlights Rollux's role in enhancing EVM performance, leveraging PoW's proven security to offer a robust, cost-effective platform for decentralized applications. Rollux's commitment to redefining Layer 2 solutions with unmatched security, speed, and efficiency is evident, inviting viewers to experience blockchain technology as it was intended: fast, reliable, and economical.

Fortifying the Future: Syscoin's Bitcoin-Based Rollups Revolution

House of Chimera highlights the groundbreaking approach of building on Syscoin to leverage Bitcoin-based rollups, enhancing security and ensuring data availability. By sharing Bitcoin's immense computational mining effort, projects on Syscoin inherit the unparalleled security of Bitcoin without incurring additional costs. This method guarantees that published data remains accessible for verification and archiving, marking a significant step forward in blockchain technology's evolution. This innovation underscores Syscoin's commitment to leveraging Bitcoin's strengths to provide a secure, efficient, and scalable platform for decentralized applications.

Syscoin's zkDA: A New Era for Data Availability in Modular Blockchains

Syscoin's recent unveiling of its zkDA solution marks a pivotal advancement in the modular blockchain domain, promising to redefine data availability standards. This development, best appreciated in the context of Syscoin's prior exploration of rollups and modular blockchains, positions Syscoin as a premier choice for secure, decentralized, and scalable data availability layers.

The essence of a data availability layer, as Syscoin's initiative illustrates, is to maintain blockchain's decentralization by enabling more nodes to participate without the burden of excessive data storage and bandwidth requirements. This approach enhances decentralization and, by extension, the security and resilience of the blockchain network.

Syscoin's zkDA, evolving from its predecessor PoDA, leverages partnerships with Polyhedra and NodeKit to extend its robust, scalable data availability solution beyond Syscoin, offering it to rollups on any blockchain. This innovation ensures unparalleled security and scalability for data storage, underpinned by the formidable security framework of Bitcoin mining and Syscoin's chainlocks.

In conclusion, Syscoin's zkDA emerges not just as a solution but as a paradigm shift in how data availability is conceptualized and implemented in the blockchain ecosystem. It stands as a testament to Syscoin's commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology, offering rollup operators and users a secure and scalable data storage solution unmatched in the current landscape. Read the full article about zkDA from Syscoin community member, PoR, here on his Medium.

Seamless Access to $SYS: Your Gateway to Syscoin's Ecosystem

Acquiring $SYS has never been more straightforward! Syscoin's latest update introduces a comprehensive guide to obtaining $SYS through various fiat on-ramps, exchanges, and wallets. This invaluable resource, available at, is enhanced with a detailed legend indicating the compatibility of each service with Syscoin's layers. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the Syscoin ecosystem, this guide simplifies your journey, ensuring you're well-equipped to participate in the evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.

Spellbinding Fun Awaits: Wizard's Potion Slots on Rollux Testnet

Dive into the enchanting world of Wizard's Potion Slots, the latest gaming sensation by Rolluxino, now live on the Syscoin Rollux testnet! This magical slot game, powered by $SYS and featuring provable randomness courtesy of SupraOracles, promises not just thrills but a fair and transparent gaming experience. For those eager to join the fun without dipping into their real $SYS, the game currently operates with test-SYS, offering endless entertainment at no cost. Ready to cast your spell? Play now at and join the Rolluxino Discord here to get your test-SYS. Let the games begin!

SuperDapp and BlockDesk Ventures: Pioneering the Future of AI in Web3

BlockDesk Ventures has strategically invested in SuperDapp, signaling a significant leap forward in the integration of AI within the Web3 ecosystem. SuperDapp is set to revolutionize the blockchain landscape by merging the security of Bitcoin with the efficiency of Syscoin's Layer 1 & 2 solutions, aiming to create a seamless, decentralized platform that enhances user interaction through AI, chat, and social functionalities.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for SuperDapp, as it endeavors to become the ultimate super app, powered by its AI-driven personal assistant, AIDA. With the support of BlockDesk Ventures, SuperDapp is poised to redefine the boundaries of decentralized technology, offering a robust developer ecosystem and a dynamic token economy designed to foster a transparent, engaging, and seamless digital experience.

Central to SuperDapp's innovation is the integration of Rollux, a state-of-the-art Layer 2 solution that promises unparalleled efficiency, low fees, and enhanced security. This synergy between SYS Labs’ development expertise and Rollux's advanced technology is key to SuperDapp's functionality and success, setting a new standard for the Web3 ecosystem and exemplifying the spirit of innovation that drives the blockchain industry forward. If you’re not already, be sure to follow SuperDapp on X, so you never miss an update.

Embracing the BTC L2 Era with Syscoin and Rollux

Syscoin and Rollux are pioneering the future of blockchain, ushering in the BTC L2 era with unparalleled security, affordability, decentralization, and scalability. As the world gravitates towards Bitcoin's robust Proof of Work (PoW) framework, Syscoin's EVML2 and Rollux stand out for their ability to leverage this strength at scale, offering a secure and efficient platform for Web3 development. This innovative approach not only aligns with the core principles of blockchain technology but also showcases Syscoin and Rollux's commitment to advancing the industry. On March 6, 2024, Syscoin Rollux boasted a shared security of 339.88 EH/s from Bitcoin's PoW, underscoring the formidable protection and performance it offers to its users. Dive deeper into how Syscoin and Rollux are shaping the future of blockchain by visiting and to start building on the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective platform in the industry.

Rollux: Redefining Efficiency in Blockchain Transactions

In the evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Rollux stands out by offering unprecedented efficiency and affordability. A recent comparison highlighted a staggering contrast: while a transaction on Optimism might incur a fee of $103, performing a swap on Syscoin's OPStack via Rollux could cost as little as 0.000095 $SYS on the official DEX of the Syscoin Rollux ecosystem, Pegasys. This remarkable cost-effectiveness is a direct result of Rollux leveraging Syscoin's innovative BitcoinDA (formerly PoDA) and merged mining innovation, ensuring that the benefits of these advanced features are passed directly to end-users. Unlike its counterparts in the Ethereum ecosystem, Rollux operates on the robust foundations of Bitcoin and Syscoin, showcasing the significant efficiencies and savings possible with this approach.

Syscoin and Rollux: Pioneering Merged Mining and Scalability

Syscoin's engagement with OneKeyHQ's article on merged mining highlights its innovative approach to blockchain scalability and security. Through merged mining with Bitcoin, Syscoin enhances its network's security, effectively mitigating risks such as 51% attacks with its additive finality mechanism. This strategic implementation underscores Syscoin's commitment to leveraging existing technologies to bolster the blockchain ecosystem's integrity and efficiency.

Clarifications from Dylan Stewart, a Communications Specialist for Syscoin, Rollux, and SYS Labs, address misconceptions presented in the initial report. Stewart emphasizes that Rollux, Syscoin's Layer 2 solution, has been operational on the mainnet for nearly a year, showcasing Syscoin's robust security features, including shared hashrate with Bitcoin and the advanced Bitcoin DA solution. This operational success marks a significant milestone in Syscoin's journey towards providing a secure, scalable, and cost-effective platform for EVM smart contracts and dApps.

Syscoin's response and Stewart's insights not only correct the record but also shed light on the technical prowess and strategic vision behind Syscoin and Rollux. By clarifying the functionality and achievements of Syscoin's infrastructure, including the pivotal role of sentry nodes and the Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM), they reinforce Syscoin's position as a leader in blockchain innovation, poised to address the digital world's evolving demands with cutting-edge solutions.

Rollux: Navigating the Layers of Blockchain Technology

Rollux, Syscoin's EVM Layer 2, stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, merging the security and efficiency of Bitcoin with the scalability of Syscoin. As $SYS is merge-mined with Bitcoin, Rollux inherits over half of Bitcoin's hash rate, alongside the benefits of Syscoin's premier Bitcoin Data Availability (formerly PoDA), positioning itself as a paragon of security and efficiency within the blockchain ecosystem. This unique integration prompts the question: Is Rollux a Bitcoin Layer 2 or Layer 3 solution?

Dylan Stewart, a Communications Specialist for Syscoin, Rollux, and SYS Labs, offers a nuanced perspective, suggesting that Rollux's classification as either Layer 2 or Layer 3 depends on one's interpretation of its architecture and functionality. Officially, Rollux serves as Syscoin’s EVM Layer 2, directly addressing scalability and performance challenges atop its NEVM chain. However, given Syscoin's dual-chain nature and its merge-mining with Bitcoin, Rollux also embodies characteristics of a Layer 3 solution relative to Bitcoin, benefiting from the security and hash rate of the leading cryptocurrency.

This layered modularity, as Stewart explains, highlights the innovative approach of Syscoin and Rollux in leveraging Bitcoin's security to offer a scalable, secure platform for smart contracts and dApps. With its unparalleled decentralization, speed, and cost-effectiveness, Rollux emerges not just as Syscoin's Layer 2 but also occupies a unique position that could conceptualize it as a Layer 3 in relation to Bitcoin. This dual identity underscores the complexity and versatility of Rollux, making it an optimal choice for developers and users seeking maximum efficiency and security in the blockchain space.

Introducing Pachira: The Next Epoch in DeFi Efficiency

Bill, a dedicated member of the Syscoin community, recently spotlighted "Pachira," a groundbreaking DeFi primitive unveiled by Dr. Ian Moore at ETH Denver 2024. Pachira, dubbed the "Grand Unified Theory of DeFi" by Dr. Moore, proposes an innovative solution to the prevalent issue of stagnant liquidity in the DeFi sector, often referred to as "lazy liquidity." Despite advancements like Uniswap V3 deepening the DeFi market, Pachira aims to broaden it through a novel concept known as liquidity trees, enhancing capital efficiency across the board.

Pachira's protocol transforms existing liquidity pools into a network of fully collateralized child pools, creating derivative markets and arbitrage opportunities that boost the revenue and ROI of liquidity investments. A simulation based on actual ETH/DIA price movements from January 2018 to October 2023 demonstrated a remarkable +35% revenue increase from just one of the five derivative child trees, with only 7.51% of the parent pool's liquidity indexed.

Looking ahead, Pachira plans to launch a new token, $CHIR, envisioned as a decentralized ETF that encapsulates a basket of crypto liquidity leveraging this protocol. Beyond Pachira, the concept of liquidity trees, supported by the DAOSYS framework, holds vast potential for various applications, marking a significant leap towards optimizing DeFi's capital efficiency. For a deeper dive into Pachira and Dr. Moore's vision, check out the full presentation below.

BVM and Syscoin Forge New Paths in Blockchain Scalability with Bitcoin DA Integration

BVM (Bitcoin Virtual Machine) has integrated Syscoin's Data Availability solution, Bitcoin DA, into its Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) builder, marking a pivotal advancement in blockchain technology. This collaboration allows developers to utilize the formidable data availability capabilities of Bitcoin DA, enhancing the construction of Bitcoin L2 blockchain protocols. BVM, known for its user-friendly infrastructure that facilitates the building of rollups atop Bitcoin, now offers an even more robust platform for developers. By incorporating Bitcoin DA, BVM not only broadens the scope of its RaaS builder but also underscores the significance of Syscoin's technology in addressing scalability and efficiency challenges within the blockchain ecosystem. This integration signifies a step forward in the evolution of blockchain, promising a more scalable, secure, and interconnected digital future.

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