Syscoin Rollux Weekly Update LXVII.

Weekly Video: SuperDapp Super Groups

Dive into the heart of digital innovation with Super Groups on the upcoming SuperDapp, a product of SYS Labs that runs on Syscoin & Rollux, where the future of community engagement meets financial empowerment. Super Groups redefine social media by merging the vibrancy of digital communities with the tangible benefits of financial opportunities. Here, every interaction is an opportunity, transforming how we think about online communities. From creators and influencers to everyday users, Super Groups offer a dynamic platform for content monetization, subscription services, and peer-to-peer transactions, all within a secure, decentralized environment. Join SuperDapp's Super Groups and be part of a thriving ecosystem where communication translates into value, fostering a new era of inclusive, financially empowered digital communities.

Join the Syscoin SocialFi Pulse Campaign: Earn Airdrop Rewards and Learn More About the Syscoin Ecosystem

Syscoin announces the launch of its SocialFi Pulse campaign, powered by @Galxe, inviting the community to engage and earn rewards as they usher in 2024, the year of the $SYS. This campaign offers a unique opportunity for participants to complete SocialFi tasks, earning loyalty points that can lead to rewards, bonuses, and perks in future initiatives. It's an ongoing effort to expand and energize the SYS Army, highlighting Syscoin's commitment to bringing Bitcoin rollups and the innovative zkDA technology to a broader audience. Participants can armor up and dive into this exciting campaign by following the Galxe link here, embarking on a journey of discovery and contribution within the Syscoin ecosystem.

Revolutionizing Bitcoin: The Rollux Breakthrough

Read the latest article by Syscoin’s Lead Core Developer and SYS Labs CEO, Jagdeep Sidhu, titled, Rollux—Creating a New Layer 0 for Bitcoin Modularity, to discover how Rollux is setting the stage for a monumental shift in Bitcoin's scalability and modularity. Built on Syscoin's NEVM and leveraging Bitcoin's proof-of-work security, Rollux introduces a visionary layer of technology that promises to expand Bitcoin's capabilities without compromising its foundational principles. With innovative solutions like Bitcoin DA for scalable data availability, Rollux is not just enhancing Bitcoin's functionality—it's leading the charge to rapidly expand its ecosystem to become the most popular base layer for smart contract protocols. Dive into the details of how Rollux is pioneering this exciting new chapter for Bitcoin by reading the article in its entirety.

As a follow-up to this article, listen to the latest Syscoin X Space, featuring Sidhu and Bradley Stephenson of the Syscoin Foundation, to get more details about Syscoin Rollux’s incredible potential, along with some thoughts on the potential impact the rise of Artificial Intelligence will bring.

Rollux and Safe Haven Announce Partnership

Rollux and Safe Haven have announced a new partnership, aiming to enhance the Syscoin ecosystem. Safe Haven, known for its DeFi solutions for secure crypto asset management, will integrate with Syscoin's Rollux to leverage its security and scalability features. This collaboration brings together Rollux's advanced EVM rollup platform, powered by Bitcoin's proof-of-work, with Safe Haven's expertise in safeguarding crypto and sensitive data. Keep an eye out for further updates on this collaboration.

Bitcoin: The Keystone of a New Global Economy

Dylan Stewart casts a compelling vision of Bitcoin as the future world’s reserve decentralized currency, transcending its current status as a mere store of value. Stewart's bullish stance is deeply rooted in Bitcoin's unparalleled security, its role as the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network, and its potential to fundamentally reshape global finance. He argues that Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus mechanism and decentralized nature position it as a bulwark against economic instability, setting it apart from proof-of-stake alternatives. Stewart envisions a future where Bitcoin not only serves as the backbone for the digital economy but also acts as the foundational layer for tokenizing real-world assets, from real estate to intellectual property. This transformation, he believes, will amplify Bitcoin's value and utility, making it the gold standard for a tokenized world and cementing its role at the heart of a more inclusive, resilient, and decentralized global economy.

Syscoin & Rollux: Pioneering Bitcoin's Layer 2 Evolution

Syscoin and Rollux are at the forefront of recognizing Bitcoin's pivotal role in the digital age, not only as the premier decentralized network but also as the quintessential asset for the new era. With a vision deeply rooted in Bitcoin's potential, Syscoin's Rollux platform emerges as a leading force in the narrative of building on Bitcoin, or BTC L2. Rollux stands out as the optimal EVM Layer 2 and Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, leveraging an OPStack and design and merged mining with Bitcoin via Syscoin to deliver unparalleled resilience, decentralization, and cost-efficiency at just $0.00005 per transaction. This strategic approach positions Bitcoin to outshine competitors like Ethereum and Solana, offering a robust platform for the future of digital transactions and asset management. Discover more about how Syscoin and Rollux are shaping the future of Bitcoin modularity in Jagdeep Sidhu's insightful Medium post.

Syscoin: A Trailblazer in Blockchain Modularity

Syscoin was championing the concept of blockchain modularity long before it became a buzzword in the crypto community. Highlighting its visionary approach, Syscoin's recent posts reminisce about its early advocacy for a modular framework, showcasing tweets from 2021 that underscore its pioneering role. This foresight is evident in Syscoin's development of the NEVM, a platform designed to leverage Bitcoin's robust security to support everything Ethereum can do—and more. With ambitions to scale to the needs of billions in metaverses and smart cities, Syscoin's modular approach positions it as a leader in the evolution towards more efficient, scalable, and secure blockchain ecosystems. The conversation around modular versus monolithic systems is not new to Syscoin; it's a challenge they've been addressing head-on, proving that their early bets on modularity are paying off as the crypto world increasingly recognizes its value. Explore Syscoin's visionary journey and its commitment to a modular future.

Unlocking Bitcoin's DeFi Potential with Rollux

Rollux is paving the way for unprecedented access to Bitcoin's vast liquidity, presenting a golden opportunity for DeFi enthusiasts. By leveraging Rollux, users can tap into the most optimal Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that integrates the leading Bitcoin Data Availability (BitcoinDA) solution. This innovative approach not only enhances security and decentralization but also offers significant cost savings. Discover how Rollux is unlocking the untapped potential of Bitcoin for DeFi, setting a new standard for BTCL2 and BTCL0 solutions. Experience the future of decentralized finance with Rollux's cutting-edge technology.

Rollux: Elevating Bitcoin to New Heights

Discover Rollux, the game-changing innovation poised to transform Bitcoin into the leading dapp and DeFi ecosystem. By integrating modularity and leveraging Syscoin's BitcoinDA for unparalleled security and scalability, Rollux ensures Bitcoin's core values remain intact while significantly enhancing its utility. This strategic development not only addresses the critical bottleneck of Data Availability but also positions Bitcoin to outperform other smart contract platforms with lower fees and improved security. Rollux is not just an upgrade; it's a visionary leap towards a scalable, efficient, and secure Bitcoin future. Join the evolution and explore how Rollux is making Bitcoin infinitely scalable.

SuperDapp's Exciting Journey Continues!

1. Syscoin SocialFi Pulse Campaign: SuperDapp, in collaboration with Galxe, is enhancing the Syscoin SocialFi Pulse campaign. Participants can now earn GALXE points as we gear up for the next unveiling phase of SuperDapp. Stay tuned for the upcoming registration phase and be part of the revolution.

2. Connect and Discover with SuperDapp: Dive into a world where global connections meet local bonds on SuperDapp. With super groups and encrypted chats powered by 24/7 AI assistance from AiDA, every interaction opens a door to new discoveries. Start your journey of connection today on Discord.

3. Reimagine Education: SuperDapp is transforming the educational landscape with interactive super groups and AiDA, making learning more effective and engaging. Take control of your educational journey and explore new horizons with SuperDapp. Your future of learning starts here at

4. Spotlight Your Content with SuperDapp: In the world of SuperDapp, your content not only engages but also pays. Create, connect, and capitalize on your community with SuperDapp's super groups. It's time to put the finance back into social media with SocialFi. Discover the endless possibilities at

Pegasys Updates

Pegasys, the official DEX of the Syscoin Rollux ecosystem, is growing! From the period of March third through the tenth, it was able to reach a high water mark of $1.1m in trading volume. Additionally, farming opportunities are offering highly attractive APRs, especially for stable coins. It’s no surprise that $SYS was the most popular trading pair earlier in the week. Be sure to follow Pegasys on X, if you aren’t already, so you never miss an update.

Maximize Your $LUXY Benefits with Rollux

Bring Your $LUXY Home: Are your $LUXY tokens scattered across different chains? It's time to consolidate them on Rollux L2 for enhanced benefits! makes the process seamless. Simply visit Luxy Finance and follow the easy steps to bring your tokens home. 

Unlock Trading Discounts with $LUXY: Holding $LUXY tokens not only signifies your part in our community but also unlocks exclusive discounts on NFT trading. The more $LUXY you hold, the more you save! Curious about how it works? Dive into the details at Luxy Docs and start saving today! 

Pali Wallet's Latest Update: Elevate Your Crypto Experience

Pali Web Extension 2.0.16 Goes Live: The official wallet of the Syscoin Rollux ecosystem, Pali, has launched its latest web extension update, Version 2.0.16. This update brings enhanced Syscoin UTXO mainnet RPC settings, alongside a comprehensive UI overhaul from recent updates for an even smoother user experience. Dive into the new features and continuous improvements by checking out the Pali web extension today!

Join the Bull Run with Pali: As the crypto market reaches new all-time highs, Pali ensures you're equipped to join the excitement. Offering both a seamless web extension and a mobile app, Pali provides the flexibility and efficiency needed for today's dynamic crypto trading environment. Don't just watch the bull run—be a part of it with Pali. Download now and take your trading to the next level! Get Pali 

Insights from Jagdeep Sidhu: Navigating the Future of AGI and Beyond

AGI: The Inevitable Horizon: Jagdeep Sidhu, in a thought-provoking exchange with Andriy Burkov, emphasizes the imminent arrival of the Age of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), contrary to skeptics. Sidhu envisions AGI emerging through agents possessing autonomy, powered by one or a few models acting as the "brain." This approach hints at a future where AGI evolves from a "dumb brain" to a self-scaling entity, marking significant strides toward realizing AGI.

A Glimpse into Post-Singularity Societies: Sidhu offers a compelling analogy comparing countries to companies and populations to consumers, shedding light on the dynamics of national interests and economic policies. He suggests that the technologies being developed today are paving the way for a post-singularity world where traditional contracts between corporations and consumers may become obsolete. This perspective invites us to reconsider the future societal contracts in the wake of technological singularity. 

Bitcoin and the AI Meta: Highlighting a unique investment perspective, Sidhu posits that Bitcoin represents a substantial AI play, potentially outpacing even the most notable tech investments like Nvidia. According to Sidhu, the current valuation trends of Bitcoin are indicative of its underlying strength as an AI asset, suggesting a reevaluation for those looking to capitalize on the AI revolution. 

If you like what Sidhu has to say and plan on attending the upcoming Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference in Hong Kong, be sure to come speak to him!

Syscoin and Rollux: Advancing Ethereum's Vision on Bitcoin's Bedrock

Discover how Syscoin and its EVM Layer 2, Rollux, are elevating Ethereum's decentralized dream by leveraging Bitcoin's unparalleled security. Syscoin's innovative approach, integrating Bitcoin's proof-of-work through merged mining and introducing a scalable, high-throughput infrastructure, addresses Ethereum's aspirations and challenges head-on. With Rollux, Syscoin not only enhances transaction throughput and reduces costs but also maintains the core values of decentralization and security. This evolution of Ethereum's vision, rooted in Bitcoin's robust framework, positions Syscoin and Rollux at the forefront of blockchain innovation, ready to lead the DeFi and Web3 revolution. Explore how Syscoin's modular architecture and Rollux's scalability solutions are setting new standards in the blockchain space.

Uno Re DAO: Updates Over the Past Week

$UNO Staking Program Launch: Uno Re DAO announces the launch of a 30-day $UNO staking program on KuCoin Earn, starting March 9th, with an attractive 20% APR and a 10M $UNO hard cap. A golden opportunity for $UNO holders to maximize their investments.

Cover Portal Enhancements with $bSOL: In collaboration with SolBlaze, Uno Re is set to introduce $bSOL to its Cover Portal, offering validators enhanced protection against slashing risks. This partnership marks a significant step towards a more secure and user-friendly $bSOL staking experience.

Innovations in Governance and Security: Following the community's anticipation, Uno Re DAO is excited to reveal a new multi-sig mechanism and a claimsDAO framework, aiming to elevate the platform's security and decentralization. The proposal, now approved by the DAO, introduces a robust, decentralized claim evaluation process, ensuring fair assessments and reducing centralization risks.

A Leap Towards Enhanced Decentralization: With the DAO's approval, Uno Re is set to implement these groundbreaking changes, featuring a new claimsDAO framework and a talent pool from elected candidates in its v2 core dApp. This development promises a smoother DeFi insurance experience with improved decentralization. 

Uno Re DAO is at the forefront of decentralized insurance innovation, with recent developments underscoring its commitment to enhancing platform security, governance, and user experience. Join Uno Re in shaping the future of DeFi insurance.

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