Non-custodial Compliance

Syscoin LUX makes it easier for issuers to interface stablecoins and other tokenized assets with existing financial frameworks and to maintain compliance with evolving regulations in a way that works at scale.

Get Started

Use the Notary API to guarantee that asset transactions comply with your custom rules before notarizing them to settle on the blockchain.

Tailor cost-effective general-purpose code to make customized signing decisions.

Update off-chain rulesets to keep your asset in alignment with evolving business requirements.

Base signing decisions on KYC/AML records, transaction history, or any other external data source.

Your notary decisions are enforced by network consensus on L1. They cannot be evaded or overlooked by owners regardless of their chosen applications/services.

Offers owners truly instant transfers with guaranteed security against double spends, by monitoring transaction requests and providing a trust-based security guarantee.

Example Uses

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Real-time audits per transaction
  • Instant in-game transfers with security guarantees
  • Custom fees enforced by the network
  • General-purpose event triggering

A comprehensive review of the motivation, philosophy and mechanisms which underpin the Syscoin LUX Notary API is available at SIP0002.