Meet the teams behind Syscoin Platform

Syscoin Core Development Team

The SCD are an unbreakably tight-knit group of crypto veterans, with a laser-focussed unified vision to bring Syscoin Platform the masses.


Lead Core Developer & Co-founder

Jag Sidhu is the Lead Core Developer and co-founder of the Syscoin Platform. As an expert in blockchain technology Jag also specializes in machine learning, artificial intelligence, client/server development and distributed systems with nearly 20 years of software development experience. Jag holds a bachelor of Technology, Computer Science, from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Lead Product Development

Brad graduated with honours from VanArts, earned a MCSE, and has education in literature, writing, business, marketing, music, graphic design, mapping and computing. He was owner of Image House Inc. from 1991 til 2008, UI developer for E-Tunnels, web app developer for O-Netrix Solutions, Communications for Cariboo Regional District, publisher of B2B magazine, editor of the Advisor, and winner of numerous awards for graphic design. Brad became interested in Syscoin when it was first announced and joined the team in 2015.


Founder and core developer

Sebastian Schepis is the founder of the Syscoin project and CIO of Blockchain Foundry, a Blockchain consulting company. Sebastian was the technical practice director at Figur8, a premier Salesforce consulting services provider, and as an entrepreneur he has developed a project management suite that was acquired by Oracle. Sebastian brings over 25 years of software development and consulting experience and has a track record of success.


Co- founder and core developer

Dan Wasyluk is the co-founder of the Syscoin project and CEO of Blockchain Foundry, a Blockchain consulting company. With over 15 years of enterprise software development experience, Dan first became involved with blockchain technology in 2013. In August 2014 he helped launch Syscoin blockchain. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.



Sébastien DiMichele is Syscoin Co-Founder and Director of Public Relations at Blockchain Foundry. Sébastien has 19 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry, from Service and Quality assurance to his last role as Project Manager, specializing in Service Delivery Carrier Relations. Sébastien was first involved in blockchain projects in 2013 and in August 2014, he helped launch Syscoin and has since been contributing efforts to the success of the project.


DApps Architect

Quang is a software engineer with a love for entrepreneurship. In college, he developed a real-time transit vehicle tracking apps to keep his peers out of the cold as long as possible. Right after college, he created a one-of-a-kind software consulting model by leveraging human resources from all the around the world to provide more values to his customers while charging less than his competitors. He discovered Syscoin in late 2016 and has been actively building products on top of its protocol ever since. He co-founded the masternode hosting service, Masterminer.


Core developer

Willy is a Experienced software engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in C++, C, JavaScript, Python, Testing, and Embedded Systems. Strong professional graduated from University of British Columbia. He is also active as Chinese community leader for Syscoin.


DApps Architect

Andrés is experienced developing on the Syscoin Platform. He created two proof-of-concept projects and worked on others for BCF as a developer and as a member of the AFT team. He has over 5 year’s experience in web, mobile, and desktop applications with a highly recognised company in Spain. He lives near Cadiz in the south of Spain.


Full stack developer

JavaScript developer, second-hand musician and physics lover.

Syscoin Community & Marketing Team

The Syscoin Community & Marketing Team (SCMT) was set up to formulate and deliver official Syscoin marketing projects, as well as implement marketing ideas from the Syscoin community and strengthen the Syscoin community as a whole.



MCA has been banging the drum for Syscoin since 2014. With a background in corporate technology and entertainment industries, he's been active in a range of voluntary roles for Syscoin over the years such as client testing and tutorial video production. He can be found keeping the peace and helping newcomers as a mod in the Syscoin Slack channel..


Project Manager

Michiel has been interested in the blockchain space since 2013. Syscoin was one of his first investments and he has been enthusiastic about the project ever since. In 2014 he started a company that grew to success via on/offline marketing. If you have questions or marketing proposals, please reach out to him on [email protected], or on Slack @Michiel.


Online Marketing Manager

Reinier has worked in the Ad tech industry for many years, and has helped large and medium sized brands (including blockchain companies) to grow their online presence using online display campaigns. Now it is time to let the world know what Syscoin is capable of, and together with SCMT he will put these best practices to work for the benefit of the project.


Communications Manager

Redrace’s interest for welfare enhancing technologies and disgust towards the way the economy is incentivised made him vote with his funds for a more sustainable, transparent and fair alternative. Having run his own non-profit he is ready to decentralise Syscoin's marketing and make it rumble within SCMT…

Syscoin Foundation


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member

Syscoin Community Developers Society

The SCDS is a welcoming group of like-minded developers committed to finding new and innovative ways to harness the power of Syscoin Platform. You can read their biographies here, or meet them in-person by joining the Syscoin Slack channel.


Full Stack Developer

Multi-disciplined developer with game development background. Fluent in C++\C#\Javascript among others. Experience with client/server software development, web development, mobile development and more. Other talents include heavy experience with industry software such as 3D Studio Max; 3D modelling, animation, the latest game engines, mobile development; prefers Windows/Android development. Started programming as a kid (a text adventure in BASIC) and never stopped. Interested in all things science and technology.


Front-end developer

Daltonism is pretty keen to merge his many years of software development with blockchain technologies, specifically utilizing the power of Syscoin Platform, with which he has been involved since early 2016. He has been an employee, business owner, contractor, manager & coffee drinker throughout his career & has developed and supported multi-million dollar eCommerce websites for multiple internationally recognized companies and brands. Risk-taker, dreamer, believer, achiever. Founder and developer of


Node.js developer

An amateur coder who likes to develop projects utilising the Syscoin blockchain. Creator of Sysplorer.


Web developer

Anze is a web developer and co-founder of the digital agency Dotline. He is also a specialist in custom digital signage and web-based business apps. He has 15 years’ of web development experience and holds a bachelor degree in computer science and a masters degree in graphic engineering, both from Ljubljana university.


Backend developer

A golang back-end dev and cloud engineer, I have experience with Go, Python, node.js and .NET languages. I have configured hybrid cloud architectures with embedded blockchains, and I am able to create smart contracts in solidity for ETH based blockchains, and for NEO using .NET languages/js/python and Go. I have set my eyes on Syscoin now.

Community helpers


Slack Moderator

I stumbled across the Syscoin project not long after the Moolah incident and decided to do some more research into the project. The more I looked the more I was impressed by the project and the dedication and persistence of the team; on that basis I decided to invest. I feel that if you believe in something then you should make yourself useful and my volunteer role within the community is to help and assist other users, as well as provoking the question, “What have I done today to help the project?”


Slack Moderator

he Syscoin Slack channel’s most mysterious mod. Always on hand to keep the peace and help new users wherever he can. Will never use an avatar...


Slack and Telegram moderator

My name is Egbert and I am an IT Consultant with a passion for anything that has a wire or battery. Helping and educating people is important to me; give me a problem and I will try to solve it. In June 2017 I became a Syscoin supporter and not many months later a firm believer of the tech and people surrounding it. I started helping people out with setting up masternodes and I have written some scripts to make things easier. Love cats, but I don’t exclude Pangolins or other creatures.


Slack moderator

A researcher of artificial intelligence by day, Alex is also a long-time member of the Syscoin community. Here, he is usually found enjoying a cup of tea while discussing some more-or-less philosophical matter, but he can also be witnessed contributing his knowledge and skills in the form of analysis or advice or the odd bit of code.


Telegram moderator

James is passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor. He started his journey in crypto back in 2016 and shortly after he discovered Syscoin which quickly became one of his favorite projects. His desire to learn everything he could about Syscoin and cryptocurrency in general lead him to becoming a moderator on the Syscoin telegram channel and an active member in the community. James can be found helping educate newcomers, providing technical support and supporting the community any way he can.


Telegram Moderator

Chris aka ‘BigPoppa’, started his Crypto journey in 2012 setting up a couple of mining rigs. Mining turned into trading and in 2014 Syscoin caught his eye as a long term investment for his portfolio. Buying into the ICO, Chris has continued to invest in the project, not only with his money but also time spent in channels helping his fellow investors and building Syscoin projects. These include and helping launch His motto has always been, “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way”.