Introducing Our New Development Partners: Quan Digital and Elint Tech

Syscoin LUX, developed by Blockchain Foundry in collaboration with Syscoin Foundation, introduces an array of core features that will widen the adoption of Syscoin by end users and developers looking for a future-proof blockchain platform to power their applications.

To help us push the boundaries, we needed a team of developers who had proven success in the blockchain industry; an understanding of the potential of Syscoin to become a market leader; and knowledge of the current and future needs of end users and developers. Our search was successful!

Based in Florianópolis, the “Silicon Valley” of Brazil, the joint venture of Quan Digital and Elint Tech has produced the largest blockchain development group in South America. Quan Digital is not new to us – they have been working closely with our marketing team on a range of initiatives including the expansion of the Syscoin community in Brazil. Their enthusiasm for Syscoin and their proven technical ability have led to us working together on the development of Syscoin LUX. They have played a leading role in the design and implementation of infrastructure and tools that will prepare the Syscoin LUX platform for mass adoption.

It is always a joy to work with professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable, and who see the immense potential offered by the Syscoin Lux platform. We cannot wait to share the results of our joint efforts with the crypto community. I am looking forward to a long-lasting partnership and to the future improvements we will develop together for Syscoin.

- Michiel, Vice President & Head of Marketing, Syscoin Foundation

While the focus of our current collaboration with Quan Digital is on development, we are now looking to extend the partnership to drive adoption and to make Syscoin the most recognized platform for dApps, payments, NFT, general tokenization, and non-custodial compliance solutions. This goal has a broad scope that encompasses a range of initiatives including business development and regional marketing. 

When you look at Syscoin on paper, it is a solid project with years of experience, great tech R&D, a lively community and a very bold roadmap. Those positives are only magnified when you get to know the people behind the project, all extremely qualified and great professionals to work with. We are thrilled to form this partnership and help expand Syscoin into the new blockchain era

- Kaue, Tech Advisor, Quan Digital & Elint Tech


About Quan Digital

Quan Digital is a blockchain-development startup founded by the leading crypto experts in Brazil, from trading & business to technology & development. Since 2019, Quan Digital has been involved in projects and partnerships with the largest names in crypto, including Chainlink, FTX, Polygon, Ocean Protocol, Arweave, ENS, Heimdall, EOSIO and many others. The year-long collaboration between Quan Digital and the Syscoin Foundation is underpinned by their shared core principles regarding the strategic, intelligent, and effective use of technology in the blockchain space.

About Elint Tech

Elint Tech is a data innovation company which has over 10 years of experience in technological innovation, with major clients worldwide such as Embraer, Engie, Embraco, ShimmerCat and La Moda. Focused on bleeding edge technology, most projects have involved novel Deep Learning applications, Distributed Computing, and Blockchain concepts.

About Syscoin 

Syscoin offers fast, low-cost tokens, assets and (fractional) NFT’s secured by Bitcoin’s own hash power, decentralized consensus model, and censorship resistance. The platform offers the option of a permissioned L2 smart contract feature, Syscoin Notary, which is useful for regulatory compliance at scale, and much more. Its ambitious roadmap aims to define the next generation of decentralized ledger tech, leveraging Zero-Knowledge Proofs to provide the best characteristics of Bitcoin and Ethereum in a coordinated and scalable Web 3.0 platform.

Apr 5, 2021 by SMT