Syscoin News Update #83

This news update is provided by the Syscoin Marketing Team (SMT) to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SMT news.

Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge Bounty Launched!

We're delighted to announce our new Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge bounty, for any ERC20 standard projects or sole developers who use and promote the bridge (subject to terms). We think this will be a big push toward helping Ethereum developers discover the opportunities offered by our unique and leading-edge interoperability solution. Full details are here.

Jag Writes for Coin Telegraph

Our very own lead developer, Jag Sidhu, is becoming a regular face over at CoinTelegraph - check out his latest piece about interoperability bridges, here.

BAT Syscoin Bridge Demo Video

Syscoin Foundation and SMT member, Bradley, has produced an excellent demonstration video showing BAT tokens moving back and forth over the Syscoin Bridge - check it out below.

Marketing Team Expansion

Exciting times for the Syscoin Marketing Team, we are onboarding some new advisors and looking for community members to step up too! Full info is here - get in touch us on the Discord server if you would like to get involved!

CoinEx lists a SYS/USDT pairing

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a USDT pairing! The first of many, we expect.

CoinSwap lists Syscoin

You can now swap Syscoin among 300+ others on CoinSwap!

Fee Comparison Chart

As part of our ongoing push to help ERC-20 projects discover the benefits of using Syscoin Bridge, we produced a real-time fee comparison chart showing the cost difference between transactions made on Ethereum and Syscoin Platform. The savings are significant!

CoinGape Article

Excellent piece by CoinGape explains the ongoing importance of interoperability bridges for Ethereum, including details about Syscoin Bridge and how ERC-20 projects can benefit from the Z-DAG Protocol it gives them access to.


Bitcoinist Article

Great article from the Bitcoinist team about Ethereum's scalability woes, and how Syscoin Bridge is an example of a technology that might help.

The Daily Chain Article

Our good friends at Daily Chain have produced a handy primer to Syscoin Platform.

Dan & Jag AMA

The date for the next live video AMA with Dan and Jag will be announced soon. Join our Discord channel and be first to find out.

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Jun 26, 2020 by SMT