Syscoin Weekly Update 53

This weekly update is compiled by SDMT to bring you the latest Syscoin, SDMT and Blockchain Foundry news. For more information about the Syscoin Platform please visit

Syscoin, SDMT, and BCF News

Syscoin Bridge Update

We are making solid progress and have added some innovative design improvements that will enhance the bridging technology and the Syscoin ecosystem as a whole. We are also working on an interoperable pegged SPT (Syscoin Platform Token) that will facilitate bridge transactions for SYS users; this opens up Z-DAG for native SYS users, since it is transacted as an SPT.

Out soon: Spark Wallet with Z-DAG Implementation

Blockchain Foundry have been busy implementing Z-DAG into their proprietary Spark Wallet, this will enable Syscoin Platform Token holders to send and receive tokens at super high-throughput rates with near-zero confirmation times. The wallet will be released in the coming days and we look forward to seeing how people react to the real-world use of this technological first.

Spark Wallet showing Z-DAG transaction

Masternode Voting Deadline

We are just 24 hours away from the first superblock on Syscoin 4.0. If you run masternode(s) and haven’t already voted for a proposal - PLEASE DO IT. Your vote is important for ensuring the most popular proposals are successful, and also for maintaining decentralisation.

You can review the current proposals in last week's update.

BitcoinWiki Syscoin Entry Updated

SDMT have updated the Syscoin entry on BitcoinWiki and the changes were approved earlier today, check it out here.

Deadline for Updating your Masternodes and Qt Wallets

Mandatory Upgrade: must be completed by block 43800 (roughly June 29th). If you haven’t already, please update your masternodes and Qt wallets to 4.0.1. Masternodes that aren’t updated will not receive SYS rewards, Qt wallets that aren’t updated will stop working.

Update your Sentinel

Masternode owners, please check your sentinel is version 1.0.0 - you can check this in the Qt wallet by clicking on each entry in the masternodes tab list. If you are running a version that isn’t 1.0.0 please head to the Discord channel for instructions on how to update.

SCMT Twitter account

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Jun 25, 2019 by SDMT