Syscoin's Future: No Limits (Except Supply)

Our community has accomplished a lot. The past two years have been exciting for everyone involved with Syscoin. With the December 2nd announcement approaching, and all that’s in store, it’s good for us to recap a few achievements and look to where we’re going into the New Year and beyond.

Recent Milestones


We Conquered L1 Scalability

Z-DAG began in mid-2016 as part of a big idea to transform how our world transacts by giving the global population a decentralized way to make secure near-instant digital payments at scale with Syscoin. Z-DAG was developed by our core devs and Blockchain Foundry, and deployed to mainnet in Syscoin 3.0, May 2018. Now it’s actively used by Lode and other projects on the Syscoin Platform. 

White Block, Inc. applied Z-DAG within realistic network conditions. They produced a detailed public report on its performance, proving Z-DAG is able to perform at 61,000 TPS across a worldwide network. All of this while keeping Bitcoin-style decentralization and saving users a lot of money on fees. See our live fee comparison chart, and learn more about Z-DAG

We Introduced Trustless Interoperability

Syscoin deployed first-of-a-kind interoperability to mainnet in January 2020. This took place after over a year of research, development and testing. Since then, we’ve witnessed various interop solutions surface within the industry, most using a custodial model. Syscoin Bridge stands apart to this day as the preeminent model for trustless, permissionless cross-chain bridges. Enterprises continue to express interest in this low-risk way to enhance their existing tokens with the capabilities of Syscoin. Some projects have also adopted our bridge model for their own interop platforms. Watch our video demonstration of this tech if you haven’t seen it. Syscoin Bridge has made a mark!  

A Stream of New Partnerships and Adopters

The work of our community and devs continues to garner the interest of adopters and potential tech partners.  Lode and BlockBanc have made Syscoin their platform-of-choice. Blockchain Foundry recently entered into a partnership with Binance to expand the usability and adoption of the BUSD stablecoin by using Syscoin Bridge. Other recent partnerships include Matic, NIX, and Corion FoundationVibraVid has also bridged BeatzCoin to our platform. With continued advancements in the pipeline, and ongoing discussions with interested parties, you can expect to see more.

Media Exposure

Our blockchain has been the subject of numerous recent YouTube and podcast interviews and mentions. Further, we’ve seen our technology and industry insight among top-tier publishers including CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CryptoSlate, Bitcoinist and News BTC. We have also expanded our marketing efforts into Latin America, including Brazil in addition to Syscoin Asia. To put it simply, Syscoin is hard to ignore.

More Masternodes than Ever

We've seen a steady increase in active Syscoin masternodes since the release of Syscoin 4.0, reaching an all-time-high around 2,100 nodes recently. That represents around 35% of circulating SYS supply. Along with broader coin distribution, Syscoin is one of the more robust and decentralized blockchain networks out there.  Our network has kept a high retention rate even during price increases. Check out to get live statistics on our masternodes.

More Exchange Presence

Syscoin is now available on over thirty exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, UpBit and CoinEx. This includes variety of decentralized exchanges like BlockNet’s BlockDX. You can use Syscoin Bridge to trade SYSX (ERC-20) on Ethereum DEXes and DeFi platforms like Uniswap. Lots of exchange options, and the list is growing!  Go to SysLinks for an updated list.

The Journey Ahead

Syscoin has the right tech for enterprise adoption, a growing market presence, and a dedicated community that continues to expand. These form a strong foundation supporting our project’s future. 

Syscoin 4.2

This new core version will bring enhancements and introduce some unprecedented capabilities that equip us for our journey ahead into mass adoption.

4.2 opens the way for new wallet infrastructure slated to make the power of Syscoin more user-friendly. It will also help our partnerships proceed to their next stages, including the building of specific technical and BaaS (blockchain as a service) solutions, especially in the area of regulatory compliance. Finally, by shifting tokens to UTXO, Syscoin will be prepared for cutting-edge L2 scalability expected some time in the future - to be researched and developed. Future-proof!

Expect an updated Roadmap soon!


A big “Thank you!” to all the teams and our diverse and growing Syscoin community for your hard work, support, talent, and ingenuity. You’ve done a lot, and we all have a lot to look forward to. No limits (except supply)!

Nov 30, 2020 by SMT