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Syscoin 4.0 Target Release Date

June 4th, 2019, Syscoin Protocol’s evolution makes it’s final move towards true blockchain scalability. Targeting block number 548662, the protocol will be upgraded around 12PM PST (due to variations in block times, the block number will be updated 2 weeks prior to June 4th).

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Syscoin 4.0 : Rewards & Specifications

In a recent post “The evolution of the Syscoin”, we introduced the additional game changing features that the upcoming Syscoin 4.0 release brings to the entire blockchain industry. The post discussed native features such as Z-DAG, Assets as well as the security and resilience of being merge-mined with Bitcoin. In addition, the protocol introduces an innovative bridge technology that allows other blockchains to access and benefit from the unique features Syscoin has to offer and vice versa.

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Syscoin is developed as a protocol that enables a set of business components rooted on the blockchain. Organizations can leverage the value proposition offered by the cutting edge distributed ledger technology of Syscoin via an easy to use API.

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